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WTB: 2716 or 2732 Eproms

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Andy, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    G'day All,

    As the subject says....chasing about 30pcs of 2716 or 2732 eprom.

    Change agw to andy to reply by email


  2. DJ

    DJ Guest

    Watch out for the ambiguities in labeling of 2716's. As I recall TI has 3-supply
    chips called 2716 while Intel had single supply ones, or visa versa.
  3. GM

    GM Guest

    Good Luck - I know old AWA RT85's had 2732's in them.
  4. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    I know I have some (new, I think) 2732s and I may have some
    2716s, probably about 10 pieces - how much are you offering
    per chip?

    Mike Harding
  5. budgie

    budgie Guest

    I suspect you're thinking of the 2708.
  6. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Try 2716. The module was the standard Hitachi Z-273 as also used in the Midland
  7. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Futurlec have 2716's at least. $US4.50 ea plus shipping. Watch their shipping
  8. DJ

    DJ Guest

    You could be right. 2758 comes to mind.

    Geez, amazing how something once so seemingly important becomes a vague
  9. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Thanks for all replies both on and off group. Request has been met.

  10. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

  11. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Apologies to David. Maybe after the confusion (aka fiasco) over the 2708, which
    I remember clearly, ppl stayed away from the TI 2716. I'm pretty sure I never
    saw one, and I use 2716's to this day.
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