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wSHDCOM - Version 0.6

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Adnis, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Adnis

    Adnis Guest


    I suppose this piece of software will be interesting to the most readers of this group.

    wSHDCOM - Version 0.6

    wSHDCOM is a program for debugging serial communications. It give you posibility to send data via serial line and receive it. All
    of this data are displayed as live hex dump view. And this is not all! Using possibility to listen two com port in the same time you
    can actually spy serial communications using same cable you use with ViewComm but in this case for free :). You also have posibility
    to spy communication of some other program which run on same PC as wSHDCOM and communicate with some remote hardware using no cable
    at all.


    * Manually send one or more data via serial port in decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII or binary format
    * Time stamp on each received and/or sent byte
    * History of all data sent
    * Display sent/received data in hex dump mode
    * Posibility to show sent/received data in hex, dec, bin or oct format
    * Save communication session on disk for later review
    * Sent communication session via e-mail directly from program
    * Export communication session to HTML format
    * Copy selected portion of communication session to clipboard
    * Possibility to spy communication using two serial port (ViewCOMM mode)
    * Small and compact program - Suitable to be run from USB disk
    * Possibility to spy communication without port using NT driver.
    * Search buffer capability
    * Command line switches support
    * Install and uninstall program
    * Scripting support with support for user interaction
    * Help
    * Easy to use
    * Free !!!

    Download and forum at
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