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Would this work?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Josiah, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Josiah

    Josiah Guest

    I want to construct a simple blinker system for my gas scooter (of the goped
    style somewhat). The lights will be mounted to the rear of a custom built
    trailer. So here's what I'd like to do. I want a center-off 2 way switch
    [on-off-on] at the handlebars for switching between the lights. The main
    thing I'm concerned about is how to make the lights blink. I'm thinking
    maybe a car blinker part might work. The power source will be either a large
    6v battery or a cluster of 1.5v batteries in a holder to add up to 6v-12v
    (depending on how much voltage is required for the blinker; I think 12v

    [power 6v/12v] + ---[switch]==[blinker 1 with + connection]==

    [power 6v/12v] - ---[switch]==[blinker 2 with + connection]==

    Just to clearify the diagram, it would be a single switch for both lights
    with 3 positions, on-off-on, not a single on-off switch or each light. So
    does anyone have any idea of this would work?​
  2. Josiah

    Josiah Guest

    I'm not quite sure I understand completely what you're saying as far as
    connections. Could you possibley draw a small diagram of what you mean?
  3. Josiah

    Josiah Guest

    I picked up a 552 blinker for $1 and hooked it to a bicycle light with a
    household universal AC adapter (set to 12 volts) and it works! The blinker
    clicks and the light flashes. I think I may use two large cell 6v batteries
    (like used in camping lanterns) so it has the required 12 volts plus should
    last a good long time.

  4. vincee

    vincee Guest

    Pick up a 12v 7mah (or so) lead acid hobby battery. It won't weigh to much
    more and you can recharge it with your universal adapter.​
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