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worm-virus going around: System Shutdown

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Archimedes Plutonium, Aug 12, 2003.

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  1. Mathew Orman wrote:
    Thanks Mathew for this and your other good advice posts.

    But I have decided to use this virus laden HP as my "email computer"
    because it gives me plenty of time to check the email and clean out the
    email. And it is sort of a nice new feature in that when I have friends
    or company over to the house and they inevitably want to use one of my
    computers, well, I let them have free reign over this virus laden computer
    which is especially a nice feature if there are kids in the crowd because
    then they will not be spending the rest of their time at the computer
    but tend to want to do something else once the virus pops up and
    spoils whatever they are doing.

    My plans for that machine, Mathew, is to yank out Microsoft and replace it
    with Open Source software. Microsoft is too much of a moneygrub outfit
    and I do not want all my computers operated with Microsoft.

    I foresee in the future where the world cannot operate efficiently if all
    comes from one outfit. Stability and security and safety of Information is
    on a diversity of software options. When the world operates on one and only one

    software, then when it is attacked, the entire system can be down where nothing

    works. But if the world has say 10 softwares, each having some different
    elements, then that is the protection needed so that a flaw will bring down at
    say 10% of the world information system.

    The world is unsafe when Microsoft has 90% of the software. That means, in the
    future, it is best if there is not one large software companies but rather
    instead, there are 10 software companies of about equal revenue.

    Mathew, question, can I mail you my HP and have you refit the machine with
    Open Source? An Open Source software that is as easy to use-- that is-- I do
    have to memorize command codes.

    Archimedes Plutonium,
    whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
    of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
  2. This is a new REAlity TV show by ABC or CBS or Fox, where they have a
    comfortable room with a computer that is smitten with the latest System
    Shutdown worm/virus.

    And what Bill Gates has to do is to either do one of two things correctly
    in the
    4 hours given him. Bill must remove the virus following the instructions
    given by
    Microsoft on its various websites. And if that task is too daunting for
    Bill, then
    he must "REINstall" the original software and remove the virus in that

    I am betting that Microsoft web instructions have become so unmanageable
    so complicated that even Bill Gates cannot clear and clean out a virus
    infected machine with those instructions. Nor can 99% of the world public
    who has a virus infected machine able to clear out their machine by trying
    to follow those

    Worse yet. I remember just a few years ago when reinstalling software
    comprised just one disk. Just one misely disk and the installation was
    Here I am sitting with Microsoft XP with 6 disks just for the system folder

    I bet that Bill Gates on a reality TV show is even unable to satisfactorily
    a Windows XP given the instructions that Microsoft has.

    It is time for the world to stand up and notice that Linux and Open Source
    software is not getting more complex and also getting more stable, yet
    Microsoft software is getting more complex and unstable.

    I believe this recent worm/virus of Microsoft is all due to the fact that
    Microsoft wants to set up ""superfluous servers"" so as to invade the
    privacy and cause customers to depend on these servers. The servers are
    really not needed at all.
    But because Microsoft puts these server dependency into their software then
    it is
    open for virus attack.

    The reason Microsoft likes the idea of server dependency by users is
    it "aggrandizes and further consolidates their monopoly condition in the
    marketplace". But because Microsoft has these superfluous servers for their
    "instant messenger" "their wireless" and their other silly programs.
    Microsoft is expanding these servers leaves them acutely vulnerable to

    The most galling thing of this story is that Microsoft expects the rest of
    the world to fix their problems and to continue with their steady flow of
    10 billion
    dollars profit each and every month. With instructions that not even Bill
    Gates is
    able to skillfully follow or fix his machines.

    I want a $200 refund for my Windows XP so that I can buy Linux Open Source
    and refit this HP computer.

    Archimedes Plutonium
    whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
    of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
  3. Is there a pro-Microsoft agenda?
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    I attempted to follow the inxtructions, and the section where one is
    supposed to find whether the worm is running as a task was over 80
    percent incorrect with a lot of junk that did not even exist.
    Suffice to say that it is incredibly simple to check the running tasks
    as compared to the complicated (and impossible) hoops to jump thru (as
    indicated in the "instructions").
    Well, the bottom line was that the worm was *not* on the computer, and
    the upshot of the "exercize" was a system that corrupted my browser (at
    minimum) so that the majority of webpages were whitescreen.
    If one knew exactly where on the screen links would be, one could
    visit those invisible places and click on the links - and the would work
    (may get another whitescreen).
    Had a little fun remembering placement of links, but got tired of that
    I pulled that HD and instaled my backup HD (exact full copy) from a
    week ago; no problems since.
  5. Some Guy

    Some Guy Guest

    Uh, yeah. Bill Gates' agenda is definitely pro-Microsoft... ;)

    I was just commenting, however, that the original poster seemed to be on
    the proverbial soapbox, which I have little patience for. Not that I
    particularly support Microsoft, just that I think tirades like the one I
    responded to are stupid. Especially when they are completely off topic for
    the newsgroup they are posted in. I mean, exactly how does this worm
    problem relate to a discussion of electronics? I think its a stretch, don't
  6. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    Blaming Microsoft for this,
    is like a rapist blaming a beautiful girl
    that she is responsible for being raped,
    because she didn't wear a chasity belt.

    That aside,
    you can keep your computer from shutting down by
    going to "run" and running:
    "shutdown -a"

    I deleted the msfrag.exe
    and renamed a small resident program "msdefrag.exe",
    and write protected it,
    and so far it seems to be working.
    I offer no guarantees on it working though.

    I plan to install the Microsoft update,
    after I have backed up my data,
    as all folks should.
  7. Hi Tom, good to see an old buddy of mine.

    Anyway, I kind of like this virus in my computer. It speeds me up in
    cleaning out email boxes. And you know, I think these virus writers have

    cut the spammers out by 99%. So that they are white knights against

    But if I cannot get a $200 refund from Microsoft or have the store fix
    it or
    refund me on the whole computer, I just may as well keep it with the
    intact so that whenever anyone uses my computers it hurrys them along.

    When they catch the perpetrators of this virus, they should fine them
    not in jail
    time but rather instead-- house arrest until they figure out a virus or
    worm that
    will destroy or knock out spammers.

    Have these virus/worm writers do good for society by creating a virus
    worm that
    attacks specifically only spammers. I would love to see a day when it is

    Virus/Worm writers fighting it out with the Spammers

    A contest we can all appreciate, and I know which one I am cheering for.

    Archimedes Plutonium,
    whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
    of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
  8. Guest

    <snip analogy>

    Bullshit. You have not considered all possibilities.


    Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.
  9. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    Excuse me,
    I made a typo.

    I named the small resident program the same name
    as the worm, that is "msfrag.exe".

    I am still experimenting with this, as
    it only holds off the shutdown for a short time,
    and I keep a program ("Process Explorer) resident
    to keep an eye on the system, and to delete the
    real msfrag.exe when it gets in.

    I plan to copy "read only" versions of my phony
    "msfrag.exe" to all places the worm gets loaded to,
    and see if this will prevent it from getting in.
  10. I put up my firewall and that seemed to do the trick.

    Bob Kolker
  11. Mathew Orman

    Mathew Orman Guest

    The virus fix from Microsoft has blocked my FTP server permanently!
    I wonder if they have a fix for that as well?
    Also I would like to get back my $2000 for the MSDN subscription!


    Mathew Orman
  12. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    I just installed the Microsoft update,
    and so far the worm is not getting through,
    and everything else seems to be working okay.

    Tom Potter
  13. Double-A

    Double-A Guest

    What about your FTL line server?

  14. In sci.physics, Archimedes Plutonium
    Pedant point: the virus did not cause people to require the patch.
    The virus exploits a vulnerability created by Microsoft, for which
    Microsoft duly created a patch. Of course, people without the
    patch ran a risk of infection.

    [rest snipped]
  15. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    Blaming Microsoft for the problem is like a rapist blaming a
    victim because she did not wear a chastity belt.

    All systems, and all people, have vulnerabilities,
    and the people who exploit these vulnerabilities
    for personal gain, or because they have twisted minds,
    are enemies of society, and should be dealt with as such.

    That said, Microsoft should not publicize the specifics
    of any vulnerabilities they discover, as this motivates
    these twisted people to do harm to society,
    and to blame someone else.

    "Shame of you, worm maker."
    May you die the death of ten thousand cuts,
    for all the harm you have done to millions of good folks.
  16. In sci.physics, Tom Potter
    I agree that the wormmaker should be punished. I agree
    that Microsoft should not be held liable for its mistake,
    although one hopes for corrective action to forestall such
    mistakes in the future. However, QA is never perfect.

    I do not agree that it should not be made public. Once the
    vulnerability is patched (and Microsoft made the patch
    available a month ago) it's up to the user to patch his system.

    Cf. Bruce Schneier for more info on this sort of thing (he's
    a crypto expert and should know :) ).

    Microsoft is culpable, but should not be held liable.
    There's a difference.

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