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Woo Woo need a diode ?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by dan38g6, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. dan38g6


    Apr 23, 2016
    I want to build a scalar wave generator by using a mobius coil. The metal will be shaped as a figure 8 and I want to use a 9v battery to charge it. One wire will be connected between the positive battery terminal and the mobius coil and another wire connected between the negative batter terminal and the mobius coil. I expect the current to intersect at the center point in the 8 shape of the coil to create the scalar waves. However since this is going to cause a short circuit, I presume I will need to add 1 diode each at the start of the positive terminal wire and the negative terminal wire in order to keep the current flowing in one direction in the circuit ? For a 9v battery, what diode should I use ? Do I need to have a resistor as well ? Are there any other suggestions to improve my project ? I have attached an image of the circuit.

  2. duke37


    Jan 9, 2011
    The circuit as shown just shorts out the battery. Diodes added to the circuit will conduct if they are connected one way and not conduct if connected the other way.
    Will you be detecting the scalar waves with dilithium crystals?

    I think you would be better off experimenting with solenoids to get an idea of the production of magnetic fields.
  3. Alec_t


    Jul 7, 2015
    It might be cheaper to buy the waves:
  4. AnalogKid


    Jun 10, 2015
    What you are trying to do will not and cannot work. While there is such a thing as a scalar field, it is not what you think.

    In all of electronics, there is no such thing as a mobius coil. Simply bending a piece of wire into a figure-8 is not what a mobius is. Again, there are various physics concepts with the name Mobius in them, but none of them are what you are trying to do.

    The figure-8 shape comes from geometry, and is a unique distortion of a plane. It is a shape of a thing, nothing more. It has no power to create, convert, or direct *any* form of energy.

    There are many concepts in the world of alternative physics, and some of them have real merit. This isn't one of them, and probably is the dumbest of the lot. I'm not picking on you or your quest for knowledge. But know that if what you are trying to do actually worked, the computer you are using right now could not exist.

    Physical reality is consistent with universal laws. Where the laws do not operate, there is no reality.

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  5. hevans1944

    hevans1944 Hop - AC8NS

    Jun 21, 2012
    Amen to that! I hate woo-woo "science" and generally will not respond to those who pursue it.

    In 2013 I got back into amateur radio by obtaining an Extra Class license (AC8NS). So, to see what had happened since my original Novice Class license expired in 1967, I attended the 2013 Dayton Hamvention and visited a vendor offering a Moebius Loop receiving antenna. It was am impressive little display, complete with handout references to an obscure Air Force researcher who had used a broadband Moebius loop probe antenna to explore the H-field generated by above-ground nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s.

    The vendor, Pixel Technologies, had their Moebius loop antenna hooked up to an A/B display comparing it to a bottom-loaded vertical antenna using a spectrum analyzer for the A/B comparison. Quite impressive considering the Hara Arena venue is notorious for "eating" RF signals and is a very noisy RF environment, at least during the Hamvention with a few thousand ham rigs operating continuously. IIRC there was a short video presentation extolling the virtues of this "new" recently re-discovered (after years of Top Secret classification) technology. I was prepared to be impressed, but I've seen enough snake-oil salesmen to be wary. So I watched the demonstration, asked a few questions, and gathered their hand-out literature in my "goody bag" to take home and read later. No sale that day.

    I went online and did some research on the Air Force project, which had indeed been de-classified, but didn't find anything more than a lot of theory about how to measure the EMP resulting from a ground-level nuclear detonation. No magic involved. The so-called Moebius loop was just an attempt to separate the E-field EMP from the H-field EMP, I don't recall whether this was successful or not. But if you are interested in this type of antenna, start here.

    The company promoting this antenna, Pixel Technologies, still exists but it was sold in 2014 and is now under "new management" selling satellite receiver antennas. No mention of the Moebius Loop antenna on their current website. I guess there is a limit to how much snake oil you can sell before the market is saturated. Despite the hype, it was a decent broadband receiving antenna with a built-in low-noise pre-amplifier, somewhat overpriced IMHO. I doubt many hams bought into the idea though. We use magnetic loop antennas, but they also need to be able to transmit power, not just receive radio signals. If a separate receiving antenna is used, it is usually necessary to disable it while transmitting, which this Moebius Loop antenna did with a "key" input from the ham's transmitter rig.

    So much ado about nothing. As for scalar fields... Tesla was alleged to have discovered scalar EM radiation and stories abound about how he claimed to be able to direct or "beam" power anywhere in the world and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. Well, we are all still here, so either that was a bunch of hooie, or the technology has been successfully suppressed. Move on, folks! Nothing to see here!


    Edit: I have no idea why the Moebius Loop antenna was dropped by Pixel Technologies. The majority of reviews on from radio amateurs as well as SWLs gave it excellent reviews. So the antenna does work for receiving. Not as well, apparently, as the UK Wellbrook loop antenna which predates it by as least ten years, but "gud enuf" to perhaps justify its more than $400 cost.

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    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
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  6. (*steve*)

    (*steve*) ¡sǝpodᴉʇuɐ ǝɥʇ ɹɐǝɥd Moderator

    Jan 21, 2010
    Don't listen to them.

    I got a stack of mobius coils jus as you described years ago. Make sure you keep them in a Klein bottle when you're not using them.

    It's also important to have them wound from flat wire. The cheap Chinese ones use round wire and it's really hard to determine if the have the correct half twist in them.

    I hope you know where to place the twist when you're writing up the coil. Incorrectly places you will indeed short out the battery. Correct placement will half invert the voltage's current by converting electrons to positive energy carriers thus annihilating the short.

    You may have to try several batteries before you find one that is not heated by the scalar waves. I have found that leaving a battery connected overnight also conditions the battery so it doesn't heat up any more.

    The correct combination of twist location and battery conditioning is all you require. Adding diodes just removes the feedback which degrades the scalar waves to the point the become vectorised.

    I can't go into more detail here because the Zionist world government, oil companies and big pharma might try to silence me. These days the usually employ people to try to make fun of these ideas, but I assume you're aware of the striking similarity between the mobius coil and the plan view of the twin towers? No more needs to be said about the obvious fact that the CIA built these towers to secretly research large scale scalar waves and then had to find a way to inconspicuously stop the research on the orders of the vice president.
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