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Wirless doorbell - adding switching output/buzzer? to output from speaker..

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I have a wireless doorbell (which is all controlled by a blob chip so
    isint modifiable.. I wish to use it to have a switching output when the
    speaker is activated (as the rest of the circuit is a blob the only way
    is to use the output from the speaker..).. so i'll need to make another
    circuit to take the output that would normally power the speaker and
    use it to switch a relay.. is this possible?.. if it is a circuit
    diagram would be great :D
  2. usernickname

    usernickname Guest

    Thanks for the reply :) .
    well the doorbell it makes a simple chime which lasts for about 3
    seconds after the button is pressed, which is fine for the relay to be
    open that long, I dont need the speaker anymore on the doorbell itself,
    the doorbell is powered by 3v and the speaker is a tiny 2cm 8ohm type,
    so im not sure if the output from the speaker would power a relay thus
    another circuit is required..dont have to use a relay either.. I don't
    have a relay,its just an idea, so if you could recommend a type of
    relay that would work it would be good and as for supply voltages well
    i can use a plugpack so anywhere between 1 and 24 volts DC or AC i'd
    say... Let's say i want the relay to switch a standard LED,(Or torch
    bulb if that is easier), on (instead of the doorbell's speaker) when
    the chime sound is being generated. Given the doorbell's low output im
    not sure if this is feasable if a much complex circuit is required...
    Thanks :)
  3. person

    person Guest

    Hey, sorry about the slow response
    I measured the voltage across the speaker when its chiming to be 0.5V ,
    on both AC and DC settings.
    yea i dont know if this idea of mine is possible with that low voltage^
    Thanks :)
  4. person

    person Guest

    *Bump* Anyone? oh well....
  5. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    That is about what is normally expected. You just need some amplification
    to drive other things. now what was it that you wanted to drive?
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