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wiring stage lights

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Guest


    I want to light a stage up using (4 or 6) light fittings with either
    (300watt or 500watt) Par bulbs in each fitting,

    **let's assume it's a (6) fittings with 300watt par bulb scenario**

    I plan to feed the lights from a 13amp plugtop from a fixed RCD twin
    socket, the feed will be 1.75 flex into a double pole switch, then onto a
    junction box where I will then take (6) switched feeds to each individual
    light, each with an inline connector with butal on the secondary side of the
    connectors for heat reasons and also easy removal and replacement.


    1. Is this ok?
    2. Is the 13amp fuse in the plugtop ok?
    3. Also the light fittings can take 500watt Par bulbs. Would this be too
    much for the 13 amp plugtop, if so should I do 2 seperate runs with (2)
    13amp plugtops and (2) double pole switches?
    4. If you could provide a plan using the materials mentoined with a
    (6) 500watt lights scenario, and also
    (4) 500watt lights scenario.
    (6) 300watt lights scenario.
    (4) 300watt lights scenario. I'd be very gratefull.

    I know there's probably a better way to do this but I want to keep it simple
    and cost effective.

  2. Sausage_Suit

    Sausage_Suit Guest

    Sounds ok to me, though I would proabably use 2.5mm2 cable.
    A 13 amp plug can provide 3KW.

    sAusage sUit.
  3. Guest

    Hi, sAusage sUit

    Is 2.5mm2 cable flat grey T&E, or flex?
    And if I go for the: (6) 500watt lights scenario = 3KW, That should be
  4. Sausage_Suit

    Sausage_Suit Guest

    T&E & Flex can both come in 2.5mm2. If its going to be on a
    13A plug, flex would be better.

    6*500W should be fine, but it is right on the limit of the 13A fuse.

    If this is a fixed installation, why not run a separate circuit for the
    lights? or install a 16A outlet on the stage?

    sAusage sUit......
    "I'll have a deep fried savaloy"
  5. It has to be flex into the plug.
    However, you won't get 2.5mm flex into a 13A plugtop;
    they are only designed for 1.5mm flex max.

    1.5mm will drop 0.4V/m @ 13A, so you probably don't want
    more than a 15m run of this to your lights. 15m is also
    the limit for earth fault loop impedance, but as you have
    an RCD at the beginning of the run, that limit doesn't
    apply here.

    2.5mm will drop 0.28V/m @ 13A, so you probably don't want
    more than a 25m run of this to your lights. 25m is also
    the limit for earth fault loop impedance, but as you have
    an RCD at the beginning of the run, that limit doesn't
    apply here.

    If necessary, you could use 2.5mm for the bulk of the run,
    changing in a suitable connector to 1.5mm flex for the last
    1/2 metre into the plugtop. You can use T&E for fixed cable
    in the cable run, which is significantly cheaper.

    Make sure none of the cable is coiled up, or it will melt.
    The initial surge may well take out the fuse. If you are
    using a dimmer pack to bring them up, then that will reduce
    the initial surge. Ironically, so will long cable lengths.
    If if still takes out the fuse, you could try turning the
    lights on one at a time.
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