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Wiring DVD & VCR to the TV over the attic question

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by miamicuse, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. miamicuse

    miamicuse Guest

    I have a new LCD TV that I will be mounting in the middle of the wall.

    Here comes the problem, because of the way the room is set up, I would like
    to put my DVD & VCD player off to one side at a corner. I don't want a rack
    sticking out 24" out of the wall with a LDC TV above it mounted on the wall,
    because then the wall mounting the TV is not saving me any space, I might as
    well put back my direct view CRT.

    So now to the right of my wall mount TV (I have not yet mounted it) there
    are some existing shelves, and pictures hung etc...and further to the right,
    is a corner table with my DVD and VCR player on it. There is already a
    coaxial jack at the corner there for the cable TV.

    So I think I will run wires from the corner up the attic and across and back

    The question is what wires? I need cable, and I also have a need to
    occasionally record from cable, so I will modify this jack into a modular
    plate - one with six openings.

    I will run a coaxial from this jack to the VCR, and from the VCR back to the
    jack. Then I will run a coaxial wire from there up and over and back down
    to the new TV. This should work. At the back of my VCR there is a coaxial
    out and a composite video out and an audio L & R out. If I do not use the
    coaxial out, but instead run a composite video out and audio L & R out, will
    I get better quality pictures from my cable feed?

    Now onto my DVD player. It has a composite video out, S-video out and
    component video out. I will run a component video cable out - up - over -
    down to the TV.

    Will this be the optimum arrangement? But component requires three video
    wires + two audio wires - total of five plus the coaxial will be six. Will
    I really be able to appreciate the "supposedly" better quality video from

    I assume I cannot feed the cable signal through as composite right? If I
    have the coaxial cable feed into the VCR and run a composite video + audio
    L/R out to the TV will I be able to watch the cable this way with VCR on?
    If this work will it be a better way to go or not?

    Finally, whether I use composite or component, are the wires the same? The
    jacks look the same so the connectors are the same? Where do I buy these
    wires? I assume they are standard AV wires right? That the audio lines and
    the composite video or component video lines are the same types of wires and
    connectors correct? or no?


  2. Well,
    it depends on HOW FAR you run those cables as interference will be a

    Best way! Use Fibre optic cable and link devices! worth it as there is NO
    LOSS at all.
    I have no idea where you will find these,but talk to a local Large screen
    dealer.The best thing about these is you see only one cable maybe,as you can
    channel anything via Fibre.
    you just plug into the box at each end!
    Audio L/R and S-VHS for the VCR (you need to dump it,old now,will look tacky
    on a wide screen and resilution will suffer)
    Component for DVD to Screen!
    Fibre optic cable 5.1 digital sound to Screen
    (long cable,and not cheeep) But then you maybe able to include it in the
    Fibre box..
    Have not seen these,and figure it is not going to be too expensive,from What
    I,ve heard they are not! I don,t have HDtv YET!
    I,m a Tech though(grin)

    Cheers Dennis
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