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Wiring an Air Compressor

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by JB, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. JB

    JB Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Below is a message I posted on the metalworking newsgroup. I am hoping the
    soemone can help me with the wiring to the motor, magnetic starter and
    pressure switch.

    My sincerest thanks for the help.


    I got my hands on a 1972 80 gallon 2 stage compressor. The pump is a Quincy
    model 325 13. I understand that this is the compressor on their QR series
    machines. It is in great shape, has a 5 HP Single Phase Motor and a
    magnetic starter. All the wiring has been removed.

    Here are some questions I hope you can help me with:

    What order does the unit get wired in? Is it line voltage to - pressure
    switch to magnetic starter to motor?

    What kind of oil should I use?

    It is missing the air filter assembly, where can I purchase a new one?

    Where would I get repacement drive belts?

    My sincerest thanks.

  2. AlanBown

    AlanBown Guest

    I have no clue to you exact unit. Typically Line 1 will land at the top of
    the starter and splice off to the pressure switch. From the pressure switch
    it comes back to the 120 volt coil,,,, I AM guessing. Coil could be 220
    volt. Line 2 would also land on the top of the starter. Be sure to ground
    all metal surfaces. Some where near the unit there should be a safety
    disconnect switch, in series where may be an on-off switch.

    Oil type should be stated on the unit.

    Belts are easy, measure the width, depth, and length and go to a real parts
    house. IF there are several belts make sure that your buying matched belts
    if your planning on having this running for long periods of time.
  3. JB

    JB Guest


    My sincerest thanks for your help. Are there any disadvantages to wiring
    the compressor without a magnetic starter?

    Thanks again.

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