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"Wiretapping" my internet connection

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by MikeMandaville, Mar 1, 2004.

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  1. Here is an update. I finally figured out that what I really want to do is to
    get Jeremy Bentham's book about putting a web server on a PIC board. I'm not
    sure how far along this will put me towards my original goal, but this project
    is just too goofy for me to pass up. And I have resigned myself to the fact
    that I will probably have to get a c compiler to make it all work. There's
    always a catch.
  2. Correction. I just discovered that I will be able to use FREE GNU C. I guess
    that clinches it. Maybe I'll put it on a wireless, and sew it into my cap.
  3. You might not know what you are looking at. The PPP protocol is well
    known and documented, unless your connection uses encryption. Even if
    this is not the case, the PPP protocol 'encapsulates' several higher
    level protocols, such as ethernet (sometimes), IP, and TCP or UDP. And
    then there's the application layer on top of that. If you are using
    something like MSN, I'm not certain that the protocol is standard PPP
    (Microsoft re-inventing standards? Go figure.)

    At any rate, you might be better off studying the RFCs that describe the
    protocols involved before trying to sniff the RS-232 stream. Odds are
    that any platform you use to develop an application will have all the
    protocols supported in some libraries and drivers.
  4. Joel Murray

    Joel Murray Guest

    Im not using hyperterminal its an awful program. Just used that as an
    example that anything would do the job.
  5. That's a clueless statement. RS-232 is the connector (it _must_ be 25
    pins, and most PCs use a 9-pin connector), the pinout and the voltage
    levels. RS-232 doesn't specify if it's synch or asynch, or what the
    baud rate is, but the maximum is 20,000; clearly, all modern modems are
    higher than that.

    So, by RS-232 standards, everything about a PC's serial connection is in
    would be PPP and in

    Outside wrapper? You don't know what you're talking about.
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