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Wireless USB adapter with broken plug

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by The Slash, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. The Slash

    The Slash Guest

    I have this wireless USB adapter with a broken plug. Specifically, two
    of the contact points for the plug have become unsoldered. I have
    kludged my way past this problem in the past by using bits of tin foil
    to complete the circuit where the contacts where broken (don't laugh!),
    but for whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be working anymore. The
    power led for the device will light up just fine, but the link light
    will only light for a second, then go dim (in the best case scenario;
    sometimes it doesn't light up at all), and whenever I do a `lsusb`
    (Linux command to determine the bus ids plugged in usb devices) it
    isn't detected. Hotplug doesn't seem to find it either. If I move the
    plug around, I can get the leds to light up or dim though, depending on
    how I move it, although sometimes doing this causes kernel panics. I
    just thought that fact would be useful so that you all know how *I*
    know how the broken contact points are truly the problem. Needless to
    say, it's wireless networking capabilities remain, for the time being,
    null. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)

    PS: Sorry for the double post (if you even noticed it); Somehow when I
    posted earlier it got listed as an 'active older topic' (o_0;) , so I
    posted it again.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Need either to open the thing physically up and do some actual diagnostics
    or go purchase another one. The tinfoil routine may have done more damage
    than good, especially if any debris has found it's way deeper into the
    product. Remove the case, use a magnifying glass to physically look at the
    connections you are referring to, see if any of the circuit traces are
    physically broken or if maybe only the solder connections have come loose.
    If you are adept at soldering then have at it, otherwise another exercise in
  3. The Slash

    The Slash Guest

    Yeah, the connection from the actual plug to the rest of the device is
    broken, so it only has power when I move it a certain way.
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