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Wireless Standards

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Romy, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Romy

    Romy Guest

    Hello All,

    I was thinking of buying some wireless stuff for my laptop, mainly a router
    and LAN card. What are your opinions on the three standards (802.11a/b/g)?
    I originally planned for "g", but now looking towards "a", any thoughts,
    comments, opinions?

    And would the difference in operating Hz (2.4 GHz vs.5 GHz) have any
    influence in the real world?

  2. Brian

    Brian Guest

    get a laptop card that does a/b/g, not much more cost.
    What are the distance specs on 802.11a? the higher freq may mean a shorter
    range. I have found a 802.11b with standard omni antennae gives about 15-20m
    range in my house. Just make sure you configure the security unless you want
    to share your network with everyone.

  3. Romy

    Romy Guest

    Hi Brian, thanks for the info. This is my first time trying out a wireless
    network in my house. I haven't got the stuff yet, but I ended up ordering a
    802.11a Access Point, with a "a/b" LAN card. The range for the 802.11a is
    shorter from what I have read, but should be less prone to interference. I
    didn't get the a/b/g card because the a/b was so cheap, too cheap to pass up
    on ($27 CDN). I am glad it at least has a the "b" standard just in case the
    "a" doesn't work out. How is your WiFi working out? Any Hints/suggestions,
    particularly on the Access point placement (Is higher really better, enough
    to make a difference)?

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