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Wireless RS232

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by max, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. max

    max Guest

    Anyone know of a simple circuit for a wireless RS232 link?
  2. Sure. However, it would be nice if you specified some details:
    What speed?
    What range?
    Will you have line of sight?
    Full or half duplex?
    Any environmental issues?
    Can it be run by RS-232 power or can you supply power?
    Whatever else I forgot?
  3. max

    max Guest

    Both ends would be connected to pcs with the following specs...
    Baud 9600+
    Range 20-30 metres
    Not necessary line of site
    Full duplex
    Powered from separate supply but could be from the pc...

    Just about any manufacturer of 433MHz and 915MHz "radio modem" chips,
    will have an application note on using their products. Try Atmel,
    Motorola, Micrel, TI, and RFMD will have app notes. Oh, here's a
    shopping list (near the bottom):
    There are also a bunch of 433 and 915MHz "module" manufactories. See:
    Linx modules are a good start. Carried by Digikey.
    This looks good:
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