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Wireless RS232 modules

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by joseph, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. joseph

    joseph Guest

    Hi ,

    Can anyone suggest to me any long range wireless RS232 modules?

    I need them for a telemetry system. The speed doesnt need to fast
    (19kbit) will do but range is important.

    Thanks a lot

  2. This is not a binaries newsgroup. You can post it to
    by attaching it as a GIF, JPEG,
    or other common image file. Then, post a message here giving the name
    of the post. If you try to post a binary file here, most people will
    never see it.
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    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  3. It's difficult to make a recommendation ... not enough data.

    What is your desired range?
    What is your antenna height at Tx and at Rx?
    Are the Tx and Rx both stationary or are one or both of them mobile?
    Are you restricted to the frequency band you can use?
    What is your error rate requirement?

  4. joseph

    joseph Guest


    i was thinking about 500m in an urban enviroment with one station in a
    fixed postion and the other being mobile. For the fixed station
    antenna rquirements are not critical but for the mobile station a
    lightwieght antenna is preferred.

    Regarding the arror the overall data rate will be rather slow since
    this is a telemetry system so i settle for 1/10000 or better.


  5. Have a look at these specs:

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