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wireless motion lighting control range problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 19, 2006.

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    We picked up this unit to remotely control spotlights. The lights are
    mounted on a building but due to the distance to the target we are
    trying to light up, the controller must be mounted on a tree near to
    the target. The system receiver is part of the light system. When
    activated it supplies 120V to two built in spotlights. We have a camera
    mounted on another tree powered separately in the woods aimed at the
    target. We also needed the switched 120V which turns on the lights to
    activate a relay having auxilliary dry contacts to start a video event
    recorder as well, so we came off the red wire which feeds the lights
    and ran a 5ft. length of romex to the relay box. Although this works it
    cuts the range of the system from 100ft. to just over 3ft. Is the short
    length of AC line that feeds the two bulbs part of the antenna's
    resonant circuit? Could I actually have detuned the system by adding
    the additional 5ft.? I can't confirm with a signal generator if this
    problem is now just a gain problem or if I have actually shifted the
    resonant frequency of the antenna circuit because there is a digital
    address code superimposed on the transmitted carrier that I cannot
    duplicate to open up the system receiver. I suppose I could move the
    relay closer to the receiver but could it be the reactance of the relay
    thats causing the problem, the added wire length or both? I appreciate
    any thoughts on this. Thanks, Lenny Stein, Barlen Electronics.
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