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Wired and Wireless Combo

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rod, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Rod

    Rod Guest


    Ive read a lot of discussion on this about wireless v wired burglar
    alarms but I think I need a combination of the 2. I dont seem to be
    able to find a system that quite matches my requirements. I will be
    fitting the alarm myself so it needs to be relatively simple, though
    Im not a complete numpty.

    My home is new build so it has the cabling in place for 4 PIR's, there
    is a blanking plate in the hall for a key pad, a blanking plate in a
    cupboard where I suppose the main controller goes, there is also a
    cable going to an outside wall for the bell. Now typically this would
    be quite a simple installation I imagine, however, I also have a
    garage which is detached from the house which I would also like to be
    alarmed from the same unit. What Im looking for I suppose is a system
    that I can use wired for the wired PIR's in the house, but also use a
    wireless connection to whatever is in the garage. The thing is, I
    would want the wireless connection to the main unit to come from a
    mains powered PIR (or door sensor) rather than a battery powered one
    since I dont want to be changing batteries all the time. The garage is
    only a few feet from the house.

    The other thing is that its a double garage so would you recommend
    door sensors or just a PIR, or more than 1 PIR? I'd also like that
    sensor to be able to chime when its activated.

    And finally (news at ten moment) how difficult / complex is it to get
    the alarm to phone you when it goes off?

    I know that Im asking for the moon on a stick here, but I dont want to
    buy a half way solution thats not what I want. What can you recommend
    anything for all of this?


  2. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    United Kingdom C5 Cheshire Wilmslow

    Hi Rod,

    Most participants in this NG are in North America and the equipment
    they recommend will not be available in the UK. You may also want to
    post your question on ''.
  3. Rod

    Rod Guest

    Thanks - will do!!
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