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Windows xp home edition

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jonesy82, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. Jonesy82

    Jonesy82 Guest

    Hi fellows techs having problem with this. i brought this windows xp home
    edition at a flea market for what i would say for a good price $45.00. i
    install it all the way but will not except the product key on the
    certificate of authenticity. called microft for a number but they want me to
    buy it again. can anyone help me out there with a product key number. i'll
    really apreciate if you could i have 5 more days before it lock up or buy. i
    hate to buy and i cannot find the guy who sold it to me.
  2. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Looks like you got bit by the "counterfeit XP CD" scam. Can you see
    any kind of holographic markings on the centre of the disk? If not
    then its probably a copy made using the normal CD pressing equipment.

    About all you can do is buy another license for it, IIRC its not that
    expensive. And you might be able to make most of that back if you
    report the seller to Microsoft and get them closed down.

  3. john

    john Guest

    Go to Kazaa and download a crack..

  4. Not a good price for a fake.
  5. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest


    Y'know I try not to use pirated or cracked software, and I do really own 98SE
    which is what I use, but nobody's perfect. Nuff said.

    Anyway, this guy might've gotten screwed, BUT if the copy he purchased was an
    OEM version, that might be the problem.

    Important, getting the embossed CD and the original COA. If you got this it's
    legal, and you can tell by the serial number in control panel that it is OEM,
    on mine I know it's OEM and I knoiw I cannot call Microsoft. This was reflected
    in the price I paid. Full retail is a different story.

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