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Windows RS232 monitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by mkr5000, May 15, 2008.

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  1. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Does anyone know of a simple program to look at a PC's RS232 port?
    There are so many on, I don't know where to start.

    I need one that will display each byte in it's binary form on the
    screen. (Many are ascii).

    Doesn't need to communicate, just display the received data.

  2. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest

    Go to the Resources page on our web site, the free utilities
    section, term232.exe
  3. Leon

    Leon Guest

    RealTerm can display hex.

  4. Guest

  5. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    The term232.exe is exactly what I need, but it won't display
    binary....of course I could convert in my head....but it would be nice
    for this project to see the 0 and 1 at a glance.

    Maybe such an animal doesn't exist.
  6. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest

    I missed that part, I was thinking hex was close enough.
    Well, I might just add that option the next time I
    update the program. Thanks for the idea.
  7. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    None that I know of that display binary as "ones and zeros." Generally
    it's done in hex.

    I use "Com" to do just this (imaginative name, indeed). The original
    website seems to have evaporated into the 'net, but it was offered by
    "TGL Micro" once upon a time There are still
    some links available to download trial versions, such as at

    Once you're connected to the port, the "Setup" menu has an option to
    view binary. A popup window opens that shows the raw hex (both in- and
    out-bound), with an option to show ASCII and/or translate control

    I've used it for years, it's still my go-to app for serial comms. I
    guess the author just got tired of supporting it.
  8. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Com will allow you to save as a *.bin file but views it in hex in
    realtime -- I'll just use a binary viewer.

    Don't no why they didn't do that in the program.

    Sure wish there was an all in one solution.
  9. ScadaEng

    ScadaEng Guest

    I've been using this for years. Does it all.
  10. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Do you know if the trial version will do the trick or do I need to
    fork out the 50 bucks (US). ?

  11. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Nevermind I see the trial limitations -- nothing major -- looks good.

    T H A N K S
  12. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    This is a great program.

    Scadaeng, do you know if there's a way to slow down the display?
  13. ScadaEng

    ScadaEng Guest

    I don't think you can.
  14. Guest


    I apologize for my poor english, I am french, so I guess I will write
    with some mistakes... ;-)

    I read your post about TGLMicro app, and I used this soft in trial
    mode. But, I tried to register it, but as you said the TGLMicro is
    down (I tried to call them, send mail, etc but I never got a respond).

    Could you help me with this situation? I need this soft... In fact,
    I am an engineer (electronics) and I use this soft to communicate and
    download/transfer by Ymodem-G to a embedded Linux machine.


    MONVILLE Thierry

    ...To show you that this mail is not a junk, I wil also write in
    french :


    J'ai pu lire votre post concernant le software de TGLMicro : com7.6.
    J'ai tenté de l'enregistrer mais malheureusement la société TGLMicro
    semble avoir fermé ses portes.

    Je vous demande un peu d'aide, pour que je puisse utiliser le
    software? J'ai besoin de ce soft... En fait, je suis étudiant en
    électronique et j'utilise ce soft pour communiquer et downloader/
    transférer par YModem-G à un système embarquer Linux.

    D'avance merci,

    MONVILLE Thierry
  15. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Sorry, but that would require distributing my registration key in
    violation of the license agreement.
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