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Windows 2000 is The Borg!

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Rich Grise, Sep 15, 2003.

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  1. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Some of you might remember that I was asking not too long ago about
    making a "null modem" with 4-cond.+drain cable. So I did 1&6 -> 4
    and looped back 7 & 8. Tried everything, and still haven't got a
    serial link going. But I do have two operational computers. Now here's
    the scary part. It took me two weeks of dicking around with the vendor
    until I finally demanded my money back. I'm a hacker, and a consultant,
    and have been poking around with computers and stuff since the days
    when you could actually SEE the components you were working with. So
    I like to know what's going on in my computer, configure it, and so on.
    So, I'm poking around with settings and rebooting and stuff, and it
    locks up while booting. I go back to the store for my money back - the
    second time this happened I was ready to grab that store boy by his
    scrawny neck and pinch his head off. I said, "If I have to come back
    again, I'm bringing the sherriff! This is fraud, extortion, theft, ..."
    and just went on and on.

    The storedrone says, "Just let me show you something." I grumbled
    and seethed, but there wasn't much I could do - this weenie starts
    the computer, and goes into CMOS setup, and I say, "Yeah, I know
    how to do that. Oddly, it doesn't have a "factory defaults" setting,
    just "Optimum performance" and "Best Performance" or some such.
    So this guy is showing me the BIOS, and goes down into the deepest
    menus and actually changes the processor clock! He says, Oh, yeah -
    factory default is 100/100, but you have to set it to 133/133 or it
    won't boot. I blew up. I said, "If you'd told me that two fucking
    weeks ago, I'd have had a fucking computer already!!!!!'
    He says, "Oh, we're not supposed to tell you that...." muttering
    sometning about 'knowledge base'...

    So these motherfuckers are selling a computer and operating system
    combinatiopn where the computer has to be broken to work! And it's
    SUPPOSED TO BE KEPT SECRET!!!! Well, I got that little tidbit for
    my shit bag; hope I don't need to use it.

    During all this, I tried my old OEM W95 in the new comp (to see if
    I could get it to boot), and the new comp. won't even boot that!
    It says, "Windows Protection Error. Please restart your computer."
    **** you, I just did!

    So I gave up on that, and finally got a W2k that's apparently
    stable enough to use.

    BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!! Finally, with two computers, I decided,
    "Ah, hell, it's turning out to be less work to swap the drive."
    Actually, just slap it into the new computer, it's got a spare
    slot. One screw, one jumper, and I've got another drive on the
    new computer. I dragged and dropped the whole 4GB onto a subdir.
    on the new computer, and had the old drive back in the old comp.
    in a matter of minutes.

    So, that's done, and I put the original drive back into the
    original confuser, and when I start it, "Windows Protection
    Error - Please Restart Your Computer."

    Just BEING IN THE PRESENSE of W2K fucked up my hard drive.
    (well, I might have inadvertently sent a file to the recycle
    bin on the old drive while it was in the new computer, and
    got an error message, so W2k probably tried to "fix" something.)

    Luckily, I was able to get the original computer running
    again, but what an adventure!

    I'll probably be messing with the serial link in the future - I
    do want to connect them together - the old one has the scanner,
    and Linux with Apache and everything, and the modem. It'd probably
    make an excellent firewall, and I do want to keep the ability to
    run real DOS, so I can play MAME games.

    Thanks for letting me share. :)

    [to email, elide 'ard.']
  2. Andre

    Andre Guest

    (Rich Grise) wrote in message
    Did you check that the hard disk settings were the same ? Sometimes
    some machines do not set the drives up consistently , and Windows
    blows up if it sees that files aren't where they should be .
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