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wind turbine floor heating

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by no one important, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. I have now completed installing my tile floors with in floor electrical
    Theese are the resistive type heaters controlled by a t-stat.
    Five zones in all
    3 amps
    3 amps
    4 amps
    5 amps
    5 amps
    at 120 Vac total 20 amps.
    I am not allowed by municipal bylaw to install a wind turbine where I
    But I am going to do it anyway. We get these hellish east wind storms
    two or three times a season in the winter.
    The way my house sits I am protected from the prevailing west winds but
    when it comes in from the east let me tell ya!!! I am thinking about
    putting my turbines in between my house and next door house to capture
    this brutal cold wind (where the wind is funneled) I dont think turbine
    noise will bother the neighbour becasue she has no windows there and
    when its blowing from the east everybody closes the windows anyway
    Here is the question.
    The t-stats run off 120 Vac and are adjustable by a ref # from 0-12
    I was thinking of using relays on the output side to dual power the
    floor elements. That part is easy for me to wire. When there is wind and
    the turbines are making power the relay will overide the grid power to
    the floor elements. The more wind the more power the more cold it is
    outside the more heat needed inside simple.
    The problem is what size in watts and voltage should I be looking at for
    a turbine to power say one of the 3 amp zone without converting the Dc
    turbine to Ac.
    What differant kinds of turbines are available? Will I need to divert
    the turbine power when the t-stat shuts off the current going to the
    I was thinking five turbines at 24 Vdc each in series for a total of 120
    Vdc buss.
    Would the 3 amp element that draws 3 amps at 120Vac also draw 3 amps at
    120 Vdc? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I am not that
    good a ac/dc math.
    What kind of wattage am I looking for @ 24 volt Dc turbines?
  2. Hey I am allowed to have a hobby too!
    I dont care about pay back.
    The question was ac to dc math?
    How much Dc watts at 24 volts would it take to get the same as 3 amps @120 Vac?

    How much power can one of those turbines with a 6 foot span produce.
  3. JoeSixPack

    JoeSixPack Guest

    Why electric heating? Surely more efficient methods exist.
  4. The floor was installed strictly for comfort.
    Not everyone here gives a rats ass about a better way and beside it was the best
    way to retrofit an older house.
    Its not like I am heating the whole house with it. One main floor bathroom, one
    front entrance for drying out boots, one basement bathroom concrete floor, one
    kitchen floor two zones in the kitchen. No need for boilers here.... to
    complicated. I heat the main floor with wood. Since the concrete took about a
    1/2 inch drop at the doorway it worked out perfect. The wire leveled the floor
    height to the same as the hallway.
    I did get some quotes on installing pipes onto existing concrete before I tiled
    the basement and it was just not worth it. I was looking a 6 canuk buks a square
    The main floor has an original hard wood floor and I have seen what floor
    heating will do to the wood. Not in my lifetime will I ever try to heat this
    awesome 41 year old hard wood floor. The wood stove has allready caused some
    damage to the floor near the stove.
    I heat the main floor with wood and I only turn the floor electric heaters on
    when I am home.
    The basement can get near freezing when the east wind blows. The worse the
    weather the more heat I can get for free from that wind. It's a hobby this wind
    thingy all I need to know is the watts dc ac conversion stuff.
    Trust me I dont need a 100 foot tower to catch the wind hear............been
    looking at my wind cups all day today I been gettin a steady 40 Kmh wind on my
  5. JoeSixPack

    JoeSixPack Guest

    Well, do a little math and tell me how many centuries you'll need to make it
    pay, vs. hooking up to the grid.
  6. Whatever like I said i dont give a rats ass about payback.there is no such thing
    as pay back in this world ........dont waste my time.
  7. You're the one who's wasting time here. You're asking us to tell you how to
    do something, but you're not interested in the right answers. We don't do
    "homepower" because we think it's a neat project (though most of us
    probably _do_ think it's a neat project). We do it because it's "right" -
    and what you want to do is wrong in so many ways.
  8. Uh, no. A 400W turbine will virtually _never_ give an excess for a 360W
    load. It's 400W at its absolute peak efficiency. I'd want to go to a KW
  9. JoeSixPack

    JoeSixPack Guest

    This newsgroups is one of the rare environments where you are priviledged to
    get honest opinions, which are the most valuable at all.

    Good information is hard to come by, especially from those who have a vested
    interest in selling you something, or are just plain ignorant about the

    If you don't like the message, just add it to your pile, don't dump on those
    trying to help.
  10. I never once asked how to do anything.............hence the group name does not
    imply my way is a cheaper and better way........I asked a simple
    question......watts ac dc bla bla bla jeesus h christ forget that I
    I am gonna do what I am gonna do........I dont give a shit about saving power or
    getting a pay back its a friggin hobby and a complete waste of time for me ok.
    Time well wasted I got some money to blow so kiss mine and dont tell the
    neighbours that it dont work eh!
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