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Wind tunnel effect through house to cool electronics.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    This is what I do to cool down and vent my appertment:

    Step 1. I open the front door.

    Step 2. I open the back window.

    Result: Wind tunnel effect.

    Wind goes through the house, immediatly cooling it down and getting rid of
    filthy nasty smelly air ;) (As long as not too much cars/bussess/trucks
    outside... otherwise stinky gasses)

    Maybe this effect could be used in new houses/appertments/buildings.

    Make little tunnels in the houses which act like wind tunnels.

    Hot air from processors go into the tunnel and then hopefully a wind tunnel
    effect will occur.

    Hot air likes to go to cool air outside... which probably results in the
    wind tunnel effect ?

    Or otherwise use the wind outside to blow through it... channel the air into
    the tubes ;) :p*

    It works for me on a big scale ;)

  2. shortT

    shortT Guest

    There is a fan you can buy for a house that goes up in the attic.
    I believe it is called a "total house fan". If you leave the attic
    door open
    and allow the fan to draw warm air out of the house.. it cools it
    however if there is a fire your house burns down much quicker.

  3. There is a fan you can buy for a house that goes up in the attic.
    Hmm interesting theory.

    I lived in a house with an air-ventilation system and it used hot air to
    warm the house.

    The air goes in from the top, goes through the attic, is warmed there... (or
    is warmed down below?)... then it goes down through tubes and warms the
    house. (I could be mistaken but I thought that's how it worked)

    I guess such a system would supply fresh oxygen and just maybe, just maybe
    the house would burn down a little bit quicker... ohoh.

    Well better not to start a fire... but there are combatting systems for
    that... like smoke detectors... and maybe house could be equiped with water
    hoses... wow ;) <- wet house sucks though hehe.

    Problem with smoke detectors is their batteries run out... and then they
    start beeping which gets annoying... and then people will probably not
    bother to replace the batteries... or don't even understand why it's beeping

    It would need to be build into the house electric supply... but then what if
    the electricity falls out... then ofcourse it won't work... so I guess this
    is what you call a catch 24. Batteries suck and eletricity net could fail.

    Maybe smoke detectors which can automatically load themselfes via solar
    panels ;) that would be nice.

  4. But then again... it's rare that electricity fails...

    So I guess it's safe to simply connect the smoke detectors to the
    electricity... and then simply have batteries as a backup...

    But how does one know if the battery/backup system really works during
    eletricity fail out ? ;)

    Hmmm it must be a closed circuit so to speak without failling back on a
    secondary system... It must be one main system:

    So requirements:

    1. The eletricity must come from the batteries.

    2. The batteries must be charged at the same time when eletricity net is

    3. There must be some way to know if batteries can last a few hours when
    eletricity fails because for a example the house is on fire ;)

    So I guess connecting smoke detectors to the electricity net could work
    after all ;)

    Skybuck :)
  5. housetrained

    housetrained Guest

    Be no good in my other place, the outside is well in the hundred's this time
    of year.
  6. Battery-only smoke detectors are safer, so
    long as you replace the (9-volt) batteries every 18
    months or less. They use no significant power
    when idle: but the battery charge declines (very
    slowly.) When needed, the battery need power
    the alarm for only two minutes or however long it
    takes to alert the family and identify whether the
    alarmm betokens real danger. Firemen tell you,
    whenever in doubt, simply get out (and ring 911.)
    If the house does not burn down, a new battery
    is sufficiently cheap.
  7. housetrained

    housetrained Guest

    The ones we have emit an annoying intermittent beep before the battery runs
    flat - great as you are warned.
  8. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Maybe the smoke detector is trying to tell you something ! :)"
  9. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    To the best of my knowledhe they are essentially unknown of in Europe since house
    cooling is certainly rather less of a problem for us, at least in N Europe.

  10. shortT

    shortT Guest

    You could have them on AC power but with rechargeable batteries as a
    back up.
    I think the new fire alarms use rf to talk to one another as well.
    Interesting... using warm air from the attic to heat your house.
    Thanks for sharing that.

  11. bRAINS

    bRAINS Guest

    I purchased a single air-conditioning unit for my machines.....

    Over clocked (over cooked more like), however local AMD and P4 are
    well happy, the planet fries in the mean time?

    Need I say more?
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Sounds like the reliable scheduling of windows Processes and threads!"
  13. shortT

    shortT Guest

    Thanks for the info.

  14. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    tunnel effect indeed that is a lame idea your house my house all houses are insulated to keep an even temperature. you open doors windows now you are outside. unless there is winds you warming up the place. air flow even hot air flow will cool a hotter components as long as is air flow like a $20.00 fan. And your beeper is detecting outside air filth and respond.
  15. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    I believe this will be counter-productive. Instead of turning on all the
    faucets, turn on only the cold water ones.
    Why not use distilled water. It does not conduct electricity and your
    computer should work just fine while submerged. Just ask your local water
    company to switch to distilled water :)

  16. Not quite, as soon as the ever so pure water hits the PCB, it will
    start absorbing stuff, like metals, not much, but enough and will soon
    become somewhat conductive.

    Water is a really good solvent, why do you think we need skin?

  17. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    It's called Cross-Ventilation, and people have been doing it since the
    back door was invented.

  18. Interesting... using warm air from the attic to heat your house.
    Don't think too much off it. There was probably some heating device up

    I also wrote the air might have been warmed down below as well I am not sure

  19. Yeah but it only works when the inside is warm and the outside is cold.

    For example:

    Hot summer days, followed by colder summer days.

    The buildings were warmed up by the hot summer days/sun and need lots of
    days to cool down.

    Thus the inside of the buildings still warm up.

    So open both doors and let the colder air come in... too cool things down.

    That's what I was talking about mostly ;) :)

    Other situation can ofcourse be hot computers and hot people making the room
    warm/hot :)

    Or even both situations at the same time ! ;)

    However during hot hot hot hot summer days... people are switching to air
    conditioning systems which require power ;)

  20. z

    z Guest

    fill your house with freon. very well behaved stuff. except in the
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