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Wind question

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Scott Lang, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Scott Lang

    Scott Lang Guest

    bought a small LVM 4 amp wind genny while on holiday in UK and want to tie
    into my existing solar system.
    Have a Morningstar ProStar 30M with spare capacity and want to tie in the
    LVM wind genny.
    Issue is the wind genny needs to dump load when batteries are full and
    Morningstar does not have dump terminal.
    How can the load diversion be handled as it needs to go to a 0.68 ohm 300w
  2. Scott Lang

    Scott Lang Guest

    It is the 4 amp model the

    Does anybody have a circuit that can divert the power to a resistor once the
    battery is fully charged?
    Many thanks
  3. Scott Lang

    Scott Lang Guest

    Joe I do not have anything to divert it to.
    I was thinking what else I could do with it, but there really is nothing.
    I dont like the thought of 'wasting' naturally generated power.
    I use my solar and now new wind generator in my small caravan/travel
    Spend a lot of time in the Australian Victorian alps where there is little
    sun and heaps of wind in winter.
    When everybody else goes north to the sun in winter I stay in the southern
    mountains and do gold mining just below the snow line.
    The heat generated by the resistance may help keep the air a tiny little
    warmer in my caravan/travel trailer when the batteries are fully charged.

  4. Scott Lang

    Scott Lang Guest

    Joe the resistance will generate the heat just like a light bulb > wont it?
    Really do not want a light on all night attracts to much wildlife
  5. Scott Lang

    Scott Lang Guest

    Eric no worries with the soldering iron, a circuit would be magic.
    No worries with the components and have expert help at hand if needed.
    Many thanks indeed from the big island across the pond.
    outbackaus at the gmail company
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