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Will this circuit oscillate ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by phil, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. phil

    phil Guest

  2. Kevin Kilzer

    Kevin Kilzer Guest

    Although I agree in principle, you probably need to have a finite R1
    and R3 to help keep the frequency stable over temperature. Getting it
    right will be the problem.

    While we are at that node, though, there is the distinct possiblity
    that the base-emitter junctions could be reverse biased with every
    cycle. Many transistors have a low b-e breakdown voltage, and
    reversing that junction can blow it out. Adding a reversed diode from
    base to emitter usually fixes that problem, but costs you the extra

  3. phil

    phil Guest

    Now, can we move to a similar configuration

    We can just pretend that the resistance of the push pull coil
    plus the capacitor in parallel to it at the frequency of oscillation
    will be our collector resistors from the previous configuration,
    would that be a correct approach?
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