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Will H2 Register On CO Detectors?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by BroJack, Aug 21, 2004.

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  1. BroJack

    BroJack Guest

    A sump system with backup batteries was installed. Charger was
    plugged into AC wall socket. A day later the CO sensor alarm sounded
    with a reading of 75 PPM in a remote room. In the room with the
    batteries, the reading was 256 PPM. Fire dept. found no evidence of

    Is it possible that the battery overcharged, released H2, and the CO
    detector picked it up? If so, is there a ballpark formula from the CO
    reading that can be used to estimate H2?

  2. ---MIKE---

    ---MIKE--- Guest

    I have a small room where I keep two deep cycle batteries. I also have
    a propane detector at floor level near this room. When I charge the
    batteries in the summer (when humidity is higher) the propane detector
    will "chirp" after a while. It probably isn't H2 because H2 rises so
    there must be some other gas emitted from the batteries. My CO
    detectors are located mid level and don't react to the all.

  3. Mark Tarka

    Mark Tarka Guest

    You can't always rely on the Fire Department's
    assessment. Their training is in more obvious
    combustion events. Overheated electrical wiring
    and perhaps spontaneous combustion is about as
    subtle as it gets, AFAIK.

    You really need to consider whether or not the
    CO sensor itself, or the battery charger, was the
    source of the reading. This would involve taking
    the units apart and making a visual inspection.
    Even then, you might miss a clue like a slightly
    discolored resistor.
    Of course this is possible. Without knowing
    just what the exact technology is, other than
    a canary in a cage, ruling out H2 triggering
    is foolish.

    As far as estimating the H2 conc. from the CO
    detector's reading ... this is a DIY project,
    unless the manufacturer has the answer.

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