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Wifi REPEATER hartdware?

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by [email protected], Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Guest

    Is it possible to buy something such as a wifi repeat
    that would pick up wifi signal, amplify it, and
    rebroadcast in local area?

    I'm going to University and live JUST out of range of
    the free campus wifi..... hence the question so as to
    use that wifi at home.
  2. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Try to get(make) a good antenna, ranges of up to several miles
    have been reported.
    Google for
    "wifi range" antenna
  3. Guest

    OK but no good way to hook up external antenna to a
  4. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    On most laptops there is a small cover over the wifi card,
    where you can gain access.
    Also you can use an external "PC card" wifi network card with
    external antenna.

  5. You can also buy a wifi "adapter", actually the receiver/transmitter
    module, that connects through the USB port. I use one while on the
    boat as the table I use is at waterline level and WIFI works poorly
    at that altitude :). By using the "adapter" I can mount the adapter
    10 ft. above the deck, feeding the laptop through a cable, and get
    much better reception.


    Bruce in Bangkok
  6. Goggle is your Friend...... We had quite a discussion here about a year
    ago on extending WiFi Coverage with mast mounted WiFi Access Points, and
    POE.... (Power over Ethernet)
  7. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Hey, John. I've dumped dispicable Verizon after they screwed the Alltel
    EVDO across the country, trying to get rid of us I suppose.

    Cricket has a nice presence in Charleston so I got their CalComp A600
    modem/flash drive for my netbook. I'm getting 800-1200Kbps down and
    about 450-550Kbps up when there's more than zero bars showing, which is
    only in a couple of places I've found.

    Of course, I can't bluetooth to it without creating a lan on the netbook
    so I ordered:
    from the 3G store for $99. This turns the USB modem into a hotspot
    anywhere the USB modem has a usable signal, which lets my Netgear Skype
    Phone and Nokia Linux tablets and the Linux netbook get access to
    Cricket's broadband that doesn't support any of them.

    I'd think a better carrier than Cricket that has nationwide service,
    like Verizon for $60, and this setup with the portable hotspot's tiny
    router would work great on a boat. You could have internet to the wifi
    devices aboard without straining, no matter what the damned marina had,
    VoIP or Skype phone service to a wifi handset phone, even some miles
    offshore if you were to put the modem and router in a weatherproof
    plastic enclosure up the mast where the range of the cellphone data
    would be great with the router spraying its RF across the boat below.

    Unlike the wifi repeater that jams itself with crashing packets if the
    wifi hotspot can't be heard by the laptop in the cabin, the cellphone
    circuit and wifi circuits won't interfere with each other. You should
    have wifi internet 5-10 miles offshore of the USA, without roaming

    The little Cradlepoint router uses 5VDC, but I'm told it will run
    portable just fine off a cheap 6V gelcell or 4 NiMh rechargeables. I've
    got some 2.5AH NiMh cells in a Radio Shack battery holder I'm going to
    use to power it portable when it gets here. Should run a few hours, but
    I may go to a more powerful 6V gelCell in my netbook case if necessary.
    With its wifi range, I may just leave it in the car and use it from
  8. Leung


    Jan 2, 2010
    You have 3 options to extand the range of wifi,
    Buy a wifi repeater that placed between your pc and router. or attach wireless singal booster on your router, or a high power wifi adapter to imporve the signal reception which is best option in your case.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2010
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