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Wide input range DC-DC converter (48V~220V DC input range)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ganesh, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Ganesh

    Ganesh Guest

    I am looking out for a DC-DC converter with a wide input voltage
    range - input that can vary between 48V DC to 220V DC. My final
    requirement is to derive a 5V DC supply from this input. However I
    drop down to 5V in steps. So evening if my DC-DC can provide an output
    of upto 48V from this input range, it is acceptable to me as I can use
    another DC-DC to drop down from 48V to 5V DC. The output of this wide
    input range DC-DC need not be regulated or isolated though I desires
    so. Power required is around 30W at the output. Again I am flexible
    here too.

    Can anyone suggest a commercial device that can achieve this?

    Ganesh Okade
    Sunlux Technologies Ltd.

  2. maybe, loads of info there

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