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Wide band Ant/ Power decoupling

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Slav Mitrofanov, Jun 23, 2004.

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  1. Dear community,
    could someone help me to find an SMD component(s) to decouple Power (DC) and
    20-3000 MHz with the DC current = 100mA. The problem is that I would like
    to have less than 1dB difference S21 in the rather wide band and usual SMD
    coils give some droppings at their resonance frequencies. I tryed shunt L
    with R 330 Ohm and use two such shunted L in serial. (100 nH and 1uH). But
    it is a bit complicated and some droppings are still more than 1.5dB. The
    question is: are there anything special (some components targeting the
    poblem) designed to feed active antennas and so on?
    Any help or tips are appreciated, thanks.
  2. I think I have found a good solution already. Two, exactly. Ferrite pipe 10
    mm long on a piece of wire: 0.5 dB difference but I loose 1.5 dB of signal.
    And the best solution:
    The Coilcraft 1812 12uH! The coil is on ferrite core and probably losses in
    the core are flattening the plot.
    The result: <-0.1 dB till 500MHz -0.5 dB till 3GHz.
    Would be glad if I could help someone.
    73! Bye.
    Slav (UA3QGN)
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