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Wich is the best sofware for electronic simulation?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by dorinelu, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. dorinelu

    dorinelu Guest

    Wich is the best sofware for electronic simulation?

    I want to simulate a electronic circuit, Wich is the best sofware for
    electronic simulation? ORcad, Circuitmaker, ...
    Can you give me some advise, i am beginer!
  2. Jupitersally

    Jupitersally Guest

    P-spice has the been the classic circuit simulation tool. It still fun
    to learn, but in todays context it lacks a graphical interface (there
    are some interfaces, not very slick though).

    Personally I prefer using MultiSIM, which is the updated edition of
    electronics workbench. Its easy to learn and can simulate a wide range
    of circuitary. Accuracy is reasonably good (I've used it in commercial
    designs). And ofcourse, is compatible with p-spice You can download a
    trial copy from the vendor site.

    Orcad has conventionally been a layout tool, rather than a simulation
    tool. However, Cadence does now have a complete integrated solution;
    which I guess is available for trial. Some time ago, they were
    distributing free CDs of their limited versions for educational users
    --- don't quite know if thats still available.


    Aditya Sane
  3. yar

    yar Guest

    HI' I am yar I am also beginer I used the circuitmaker & it is useful
    for me & there is a very useful program it is called the work bench
    send me an e-mail and we can begining together

    thank you
  4. dorinelu

    dorinelu Guest

    Dear YAR,

    I added to my friend list in Yahoo messneger to can discuss online,

    also i have MSN account

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