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Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Deigh, Oct 27, 2014.

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  1. Deigh


    Apr 26, 2011
    I have moved into a pensioner flat in Waiuku (N.Z.) Just at the bottom of the hill is the public library which has free wi-fi. Every now and then I take the computer into there when I need to do some serious downloading. Very handy! but, I would like to use it from my flat and I am just slightly out of range. This morning was damp and cold and I managed to use if for a few minutes before it dropped out. There probably are other times when it would be successful but I havn't found them yet.

    Now, the big question..... Is there any way I can improve reception? There must be an aerial somewhere in my laptop or it wouldn't receive at all. Anybody got any answers?:confused::confused::(
  2. Gryd3


    Jun 25, 2014
    Your arial is usually in the top left/right corners of the flip up portion above the LCD. There are usually 2.
    How are your funds? You could try a wireless repeater or a wireless bridge.
    I'm hesitant to say that you can adjust the sensitivity in the laptop itself without some serious modifications.
    (Remember though... this is a two-way communication... so you need to be able to get your signal there, and receive a signal back... only boosting one of these may not net you the best results.)

    Edit: Be warned that the admin for the network at the library may catch on if there is excessive bandwidth usage and begin logging activity, or blocking certain users. Also be warned that an open access point is not safe, so be prepared to have any and all passwords for any online service stolen.
  3. (*steve*)

    (*steve*) ¡sǝpodᴉʇuɐ ǝɥʇ ɹɐǝɥd Moderator

    Jan 21, 2010
    Since the same antenna is used for both send and receive, improving the antenna will affect both directions (send and receive). A wireless device which allows an external connector for the antenna is clearly a benefit in this case.

    As to the issues of permission, I think you should ask people at the library if it's OK. You might tell them that you've observed that the signal is usable (say) in the park next door, and whether it's OK to use their link from there.
  4. Deigh


    Apr 26, 2011
    After bit of experimenting I found that I could purchase a Blurex Long Range Wireless-N Wifi Network Adapter - and this does the job excellently. I now have free wi-fi whenever I need it. The library has no problems with my scheme, I am a library member and am allowed about 200millithingies a day. Problems are restrictions, cant use it for on line purchases or even lotto results and the contact would probably meltdown if I tried to look at porn!!:D
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