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Why Science is Ridiculous

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by PureOne, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Dont be ridiculous. If that was so, religion wouldnt exist in teh form
    it does today.
  2. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Gee, you say that as if it would be a BAD thing...;-)

    Bob M.

  3. Sure, whatever the hell "epistemology" is.

    The same that way we know that we are. We observe it.

    You ask your ass.

    By how it feels.

    Trust your ass.

    That's what I'm trying to get across here - My conclusions _ARE_ based
    on evidence I had at the time, it's just that my evidence wasn't in
    brick form, to show to the measurement guy; it was experential.

    "Presumably"? "Superior"? Now who's judging? (not to mention putting
    words in other people's mouths.) ;-)

  4. Oh, no. I very clearly felt my root chakra open, and I very clearly felt
    the flow of _comething_ which I'm arbitrarily calling Kundalini - it could
    have been Chi, it could have been something nobody has a name for yet,
    but it was very, very real.

    And it wasn't in no mental model - it was physically in the center of
    my very anus.

  5. Thanks for the verification. >:->

  6. Actually, I think that was kinda my point here. ;-)

  7. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Again - you call yourself a "philosophizer," and you
    don't even know one of the three major fields (along
    with semantics and metaphysics) of classical philosophy?

    Whatever the hell do YOU mean by "philosophizer" if
    it doesn't mean one who is seriously interested in these
    sorts of questions?

    But what of those things that cannot be observed directly?
    Even for those things which can be observed directly, how
    do we determine which observations to trust, and which
    to discard? There are many, many examples of observations
    which, if taken at face value, will lead one to incorrect
    conclusions. One trivial one - at first glance, the reasonable
    conclusion to draw from simple observation is that the
    Earth is flat.
    I guess you're not really interested in seriously considering
    these questions, then?
    But why trust "how it feels" more or less than anything

    Why? Just because it leads you to the answers you
    like? Or do you have some other reason?

    A lot of evidence is in "experiential" form - the question is,
    which do we accept, which should we not accept, and why?
    Are you taking the position that everything you perceive is
    true, or that all perceptions are equally valid and valuable
    for the purpose of determining "truth"?

    Not me; I'm asking you to explain what you mean. Your
    exact words said that through the methods you were proposing,
    one would "actually _observe_ a larger Reality." I can take
    that literally (e.g., you somehow perceive a physically larger
    space), but that doesn't seem, in this context, to be what you
    intended. So I left with the assumption that you are using
    "larger" to mean a reality which is "better" or at least "richer
    in content" than what would otherwise be the case. If THAT'S
    not what you meant, then please clarify - because so far, you
    don't seem to want to be very clear in what you're trying to

    And do you mean do say that the reference to a "larger
    Reality" was NOT a judgement on your part? Again, I'm
    just trying to understand what you're saying - please help me
    out here.

    Bob M.
  8. Tom

    Tom Guest

    And so on.
  9. Tom

    Tom Guest

    You very clearly felt something that you imagined was your "heart chakra
    opening". You should learn the difference between an experience and an
    explanation for that experience. This is the difference between the
    territory and the map.
    Yes, it was. It's just that you have your head up your ass. (Didn't you
    just *know* that was coming?)
  10. Tom

    Tom Guest

    That you're a troll? You're welcome.
  11. It means I sit and philosophize. Do I have to draw you a picture?

    I'm seriously interested in much deeper quesitons, like what's the
    stuff that "epistemology" and so on are made of and how does it
    relate to the reflection I see around me?

  12. Of course. How could I have expected anything "less"?

    Have you ever visited your own anus at a feeling level?

    Good Luck!
  13. John Kepler

    John Kepler Guest

    And like everything else you've said to'd be wrong!
  14. John Kepler

    John Kepler Guest

    Roman Unemployment Compensation Clerk (Bea Arthur): "Occupation?"

    Cornicus (Mel Brooks): "Stand-up philosopher!"

    (Bea Arthur): mean 'bullshit artist'!

    (Mel Brooks): "Yeah....well....whatever! Give me my money!

    (Bea Arthur): "Not so fast! Have you bullshitted today? Have you TRIED to
    bullshit this week?

    From: "History of the World, Part 1"
    "Have you bullshitted today?"

    like what's the
    "Have you TRIED to bullshit this week?

    Can Mel call'um or what!

  15. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Or anything else. Low-ball claim. Low-ball response.
    Sure. Every day. That's why I make sure I get plenty of fiber in my diet.

    Don't you?

    And you still don't grasp the difference between an experience and an
    explanation of that experience. Experience is real. Explanations are made
    up. You had a feeling in your asshole. That was real. You explained it as
    your "root chakra opening up". That was made up.

    Let me present this to you in mystical form: The Tao that can be spoken is
    not the eternal Tao.
  16. Guest

    You have proof?

  17. Ick. Watching a Mel Brooks movie is like watching some old circus
    geek masturbate.

  18. He doesn't need any - he has faith. ;-)

  19. John Kepler

    John Kepler Guest

    Spent a lot of time watching some old circus geek masturbating have you?

    Not to worry....all of it makes more sense than YOU do!

  20. Only once, in a really weird porno movie.

    Since then I've avoided them like I avoid Mel Brooks Movies.

    Why is this important to you?

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