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Why Science is Ridiculous

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by PureOne, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. John Kepler

    John Kepler Guest

    "Logic" such as this is why "tautology" and "religion" are so inextricably

  2. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Nonsense. Let's just sit down and list a few scientific intangibles, and
    we're there.
  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    You're sory of complaining that a very good pastry chef isn't a great
    airline pilot.

  4. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Yes, I've seen a snowflake.

    If you believe that the water molecules "knowing" what those
    on the other arms are doing is the only possible explanation
    for this symmetry, I would like to suggest that you're not
    thinking hard enough.

    Simpler, analogous question: what causes the symmetry in
    a salt crystal?

    Bob M.
  5. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    You've pointed to several people who practiced "science"
    at various times, but you still haven't said exactly who or what
    it IS.

    Newsflash: the above can be said for ANY such methodology
    engaged in by humans - it's hardly a distinguishing characteristic
    of science. Music was "made up by people." The writing of
    poetry was "made up by people." You're going to have to do
    much better than that.

    That site makes some very interesting, although completely
    unsupported (and unsupportable) assertions. As to whether or
    not it could possibly permit you to "get all of the answers there
    are," two questions:

    How has it done so far (i.e., what NEW knowledge has this
    alternative provided that has been demonstrated to be "true")"


    Why should we expect it to provide significantly more knowledge
    (or knowledge of greater quality/accuracy) than other methods, over
    - well, over whatever time period into the future you'd care to

    Bob M.
  6. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Tell us precisely what you mean when you use the
    symbols "idea" and "exist" in this context, and the
    question answers itself. Many of the supposedly
    "tough questions" of this ilk are of this nature - they're
    actually exercises in sloppy semantics.

    Bob M.
  7. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    is an excellent question.

    On the other hand, THIS not, due an unwarranted assumption buried within it.
    If you'd really like to know, why not start with a different
    question altogether:

    Why six?

    But...DO you really want to know?

    Bob M.
  8. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Yes. Really.
    Roughly. It's a new technology. There's lots of fine tuning to be done,
    but, yes, it can.
  9. Tom

    Tom Guest

    "Scinece can't do this. Science can't do that." I'm not going to botwer
    looking up your precise wording beccause you're too boring and it wouldn't
    change the concrete in your head anyway.
  10. The Magpie

    The Magpie Guest

    What ticks me off is godidiots who try to claim science is a "thing"
    when really its just a *process* - as in verb rather than noun.
  11. Nevermore

    Nevermore Guest

    They do the same thing when they harp about the Theory of Evolution
    being "just a theory" when in fact they are transposing just one of
    several definitions of the word theory to their own ends.

    Nevermore (transubstantiating really)
  12. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Actually, the guy apparently thinks "Science" is an entity, since he
    capitalizes the term as one would a proper noun. Some sort of demon,
    perhaps, sent by "The Devil" to deceive us hapless mortals into doubting the
    divine truth of "God" as revealed by this or that posturing cleric.

    Here in alt.magick, we like to counter such demonic forces by calling forth
    the corresponding angelic being. In this case, he might wish to evoke the
    great and holy angel, "Blind Faith", to bind that evil demon "Science" from
    his fiendish plan to employ reason and carefully examined evidence to cause
    mankind to fall into sin.
  13. When you ask one of those what it is about evolution that they
    disagree with, they often respond with nonsense like "6000 years is
    not enough time to evolve all the species on Earth today".
  14. Cool! So one day, "science" might actually acknowledge that feelings
    are real?

    That would go a long way toward healing the problems we have these


  15. You're "not going to bother looking up [my] precise wording" because
    it doesn't exist.

    **** off, troll.

  16. I find it fascinating that the mere mention of "god" immediately
    throws people into definsive mode: "You're promoting RELIGION!! IT's
    Been PROVED!!!!!

    All of the religions are wrong - in fact, the Bible was written primarily
    by Saten, and the Koran/Torah/whatever was written by Lucifer. (those
    are Spirit's two major denials, Satan AKA Ahriman, and Lucifer, who have
    manifested as competing devils.

    But, if you can't transcend your religiophobia long enough to consider
    an additional possibility that no one's thought of yet, then I guess
    you're doomed to follow the same old path as all of the billions who
    have gone before.

    Good Luck!
  17. And, do you continue to deny The Mother of Everything?

  18. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Whatever gave you the impression that "science" doesn't

    Again, just what do you think "science" IS, anyway?

    Bob M.
  19. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    It's not a denial to ask for evidence and reasoning in
    support of a proposition. However, a proposition which
    comes without either evidence or reasoning is a mere
    assertion which, at that stage, should be neither accepted
    nor denied. It's incomplete, and not yet worthy of serious

    If you would like to describe what you mean by "Mother
    of Everything," and provide your evidence and reasoning
    which would compel someone to accept that assertion,
    I'm sure many people here would find it interesting.

    Bob M.
  20. Nevermore

    Nevermore Guest

    Yeah, sure. BILLIONS of witches have trod this weary path in the salt

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