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Why Science is Ridiculous

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by PureOne, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. PureOne

    PureOne Guest

    Everyone knows that science has been proven wrong time and again, but
    why do you think that is? My opinion is because science works with
    assumptions that depend on previous knowledge. So its easy to build
    from the start and get something more complex. As mathematicians know
    though, complexity leads to total chaos. Say for example you were
    working with electronics and found that resisters limited current.
    a capacitor. Then from there someone discovered that electricity
    could actually be amplified with a transformer, to create higher

    Amazing, but then we get so complicated that we forget the source of
    the invention is actually a battery, and we have limited supplies of
    batteries. Then after that we come to find out batteries don't even
    work correctly without wires, and we find out there is limited
    supplies of superconducting gold. Finally we realize that we can't
    transmit the power without an electric grid, stretching across the
    whole country. Then in all the confusion we start to have blackouts
    everywhere, when we should have enough energy to supply everyone.

    Then later, in just the recent years we find out electricity only
    really works with good electrical grounding, and no one yet
    understands why. So if you don't want your equipment damaged you need
    surge protectors, because the electrical grid was built without an
    understanding of grounding, or ways to prevent surges, and blackouts
    during storms. But maybe one day all of this will be rethought and we
    will realize the origonal electrical component invented, the resister,
    is actually a way of grounding cables, and that resisters eventually
    go bad after a period of time & that's whats causing all of our
    electrical problems. But no one can prove that's happening, and no
    one wants to deal with the problem.

    That's just an example. When it comes to studying medicine, the
    environment, psychology, early human development, nutrition, genetics,
    and life in general, we know almost absolutely nothing. Everything is
    built upon statistics, and studies in laboratories on people that
    aren't given any credit. Some studies have found that women and mens
    development happens almost entirely in the womb, and is the product of
    the chemicals and nutrition in the mothers body, which often lead to
    birth defects. Other studies have found that children being raised in
    one environment will develop completely differently than twins raised
    in another area. The same happens with the sexes, women and men
    develop completely different depending on the environmental factors,
    what's good for a woman may be bad for a man. Other studies are
    finding that human genes are the mechanism of development, and that
    they are carried on through families forever, unless there is some
    problem causing a mutation. Scientists working in one field don't
    know all the information in another field, and the popular science
    often disagrees with other science. It happens all the time.

    We literally know nothing, and live in a sea of technology no one
  2. Guest

    It's part of the scientific process. Every theory is eventually shown
    to be incomplete, and is replaced by a more powerful and comprehensive
    theory, which is replaced in its turn.

    No. We know quite a lot, though not everything, and live in a sea of
    technology that quite a few people understand - obviously, not you.
    Again, nobody has mastered every human technology, nor even every
    aspect of any givien technology, but if you ask nicely, in the right
    forum, you can almost always get good advice.
  3. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    I know that.. :p

    The solution: AI or genetically enhanced intelligence

    "Start the loop."
    AI makes better AI which then makes better AI which then makes better
    Have thousands of AI machines figuring out everything.

    One thing that might be discovered is that people are not qualified to
    play with the universe and that we're better off doing what we do
    best....eating, sleeping and having sex.

    So..have a burger.. boink the girlfriend and have a good night's sleep
    for that all you're good for.. :p

    D from BC
  4. You seem like someone that knows far to little about science. How you
    actually take a class(and actually learn something) before you claim to know
    all about it.

    Sure we might not know much relative to what the universe *may* hold but
    science has done far more to advance our understand of the world than
    anything else and has been more consistant then anything else.

    What do you expect though? As things get more complex it gets harder to
    learn about it and takes more memory to store all information. Do your
    really think that its suppose to get easier? If that was the case we would
    know everything already.

    Fact of the matter is, either we adapt and develop our abilities to
    understand more complex things(which we have been doing a pretty good job
    IMO... for all the crap that we have do deal with(Seeing that 90% of the
    population only cares about fucking and sucking and the other 10% has done
    all the work(actually its probably like 99.9% and 0.1%)).

    If humanity ever gets to the point where knowledge/understanding is first
    over entertainment, money, sex, etc... then I would expect that the rate of
    knowledge will increase exponentially from whatever it is now(which might be
    exponential so we would have something like e^e^x).

    Of course I doubt that will ever happen cause so many people don't give a
    shit about any body but themselfs. Those people, which are essentially all
    people, will ruin any chance that humanity has to do anything. So
    unfortunately wether your right or wrong won't really matter.

    But believe me, science has proven itself to be the best thing we have...
    the issue is not science but those who don't understand it, like yourself.

    When the day comes that a scientist gets paid more than an actor we will
    know we are on the right track. When people stop worshiping opra, britney,
    paris, etc and start opening a book... hell, I guess any book will do...
    even if its about those people, as long as they read it, then we've made a
    step in the right direction.
  5. Guest

    We wouldn't be here without the steady increase of entropy.


    "If you prefer the good old days, then I have only word to say to you;
    dentistry" - P J O' Rourke
  6. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    PureOne wrote:

    Sheer idiot drooling blather.
  7. John Kepler

    John Kepler Guest

    "My opinion is because science works with
    Got a better way? Also, is there an actual cogent point buried in your
    waste of bandwidth?

  8. Science has saved our collective posteriors more often than I care to
    admit. Without science, we would be living in ignorance and starving.
    Actually, if you look at scientific history, you'll find that attempts
    to simplify science have resulted in more failures than by dealing
    with the inevitable complexity. Around 1900, it was scientific dogma
    that everything of value had already been discovered and that all
    further research would yield only a few more decimal points to the
    generally accepted principles. However, when they did that, the
    inconsistencies of those measurements yielded a far more complex
    science and previously unknown principles (e.g. Quantum mechanics).
    Math does not equal science.
    We know enough to have survived for a few million years. If you lack
    some specific knowledge that's important to your survival, I would
    suspect you would make an effort to obtain it. Please try not to
    generalize based on your own specific condition.
    Welcome to the real world. There's plenty of credit to go around.
    Just try and hold together a research group without properly
    dispensing the necessary credit, honors, praise, and gratuities.
    You sound overwhelmed by technology. Perhaps you should join a back
    to nature commune or minimalist lifestyle group and see how much you
    enjoy scraping bottom without the complex technology you apparently
    detest. I did something like that when it was fashionable in the
    1960's. It didn't take long to observe that poverty really does suck.

    Despite your muddled logic, you also managed to miss an important
    point. It is not necessary to understand how technology works in
    order to benefit from it. There are all too many car drivers that
    don't understand a Carnot heat engine or the basic principles of
    kinematics. There are consumers of processed food products that
    probably would not want to know what is in and what was done to the
    food they're eating. There are many people who work on products with
    no clue what the product does or the basic principles of operation.
    Much as I would like to see universal scientific and mathematical
    education, I don't think it should be a pre-requisite for benefiting
    from the resultant technology.
  9. Why Science is Ridiculous

    any book will do... ??

    Why is reading garbage better than (say,)
    watching garbage TV?

  10. Science is the quest for those answers. Yes, we don't know everything,
    the only people who say that they do know everything are teenagers :)

    All technology builds upon itself, it's been that way since the cave men
    invented the wheel. Can you imagine cars using large rubber triangles?
    Stone Age to Bronze Age to Iron age to... Well, you see my point. Yes,
    life is complex now. Would you rather live in a cave shivering? Because
    you know, knocking two rocks together to make fire is evil technology
  11. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    LOL. Nicely self-satirical piece. Has some grammatical errors though.

    Hmm, I suspect this is my first post to the other four NGs. Hi!

  12. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Right off the bat, you've revealed how little you know about the
    subject you're trying to discuss. Two fundamental problems
    in the above:

    1. Statement that begin with "everyone knows" almost
    always winds up talking about something that "everyone"
    MISUNDERSTANDS. This is a perfect example.

    2. "Science" has not been "proven wrong time and time
    again," for the simple reason that science itself is not a body
    of knowledge, nor any particular collection of "facts."
    Science is a PROCESS which we use to sort out truth
    from a lot of things that we might like to think were so, but
    which really aren't. As that sort of tool, it has a track record
    far better than any alternative that mankind has attempted to
    use so far.

    Certain statements or beliefs held and espoused by those
    calling themselves "scientists" (a term which really just means
    "someone who does science") have been shown to be
    wrong, either in their entirety or in part, quite often - but that's
    the nature of the process, and you would do well to at least
    try to understand how that process works before you attempt
    to comment on it further.

    The rest of your post seems to be citing examples of things that
    you yourself do not understand, and claiming that therefore
    "no one" understands them. I would hope the error in such an
    argument would be obvious.

    Bob M.
  13. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  14. Let's talk about eating garbage. Eating garbage causes farting, which
    causes global warming. It is George Bush's fault, and the oil (beef
    tallow) companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Watching TV requires absolutely no effort except to keep your eyelids open.
    So I suppose the only thing it could be consider better than is sleeping...
    but sleeping is required while TV is not.
  16. kT

    kT Guest

    Let's talk about the main stream media, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, Headline News.

    Shit. It smells good. Smell the shit. Hmmmm ...

    Shit. It feels good. Feel the shit. Ooooh ...

    Shit. It tastes good. Eat the shit. Yummm ...

    Shit. It's good for you. Eat more shit. Buy more shit. From US!

    Americans, buying and eating shit on a daily basis, and loving it.
  17. mika

    mika Guest

    Unfortunately, he's not in on the joke. All evidence seems to point
    to "PureOne" taking himself and his posts quite seriously.
  18. Barry Lennox

    Barry Lennox Guest

    On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 17:40:28 +0000, Michael Lewis


    Indeed all technology can be used for evil or good.

    "Virtually every major technological advance in the history of the
    human species-- back to the invention of stone tools and the
    domestication of fire-- has been ethically ambiguous"

    by Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the
  19. Nevermore

    Nevermore Guest

    Never underestimate the dead-seriousness of the self-evident hypocrite.
    Jello shots all around.

    Nevermore (if the scientific method could repeat it, it wouldn't be
  20. Donald

    Donald Guest

    PureOne wrote:

    <snip non-sense>

    I think is trying to cover up the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

    There is a Bushite everywhere, lying to the American people.

    How many more to get through before Bush gets castrated.

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