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Why NOT to touch power lines.

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Rich., Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. I do not know what the experiment was. Our device was a fully potted,
    conduction cooled HVPS of about .3 cubic feet in size for the finished

    On the pad, I have two (perhaps more now) IR thermometers that have the
    longest optical focus we ever made at 1000 ft for a ten foot spot, and
    had to detect within a one foot spot inside that target area.

    We had no way to calibrate it as we had no 1000 ft range to set up a
    Black Body source for it. So we extrapolated and hoped it worked in the
    field. Itdid.Still does, I imagine.

    It observes the protected area of the blast chutes at launch time for a
    burn through.

    More likely still looking for 'ammo' to continue the same game you were
    playing when you returned to the group.
    Not too many bit rate world records being sought in micro-gravity.
    I made a nice 50kV, 250W X-ray supply for LANL some years back. Made
    some nice lower wattage, super clean supplies for x-ray inspection
    industry as well.
    That is not what was inferred, jerk.
    Let's just say that at least one has a problem with the bigger picture.

  2. Was your return to this group not two or three posts where you jacked
    off at the mouth with a known troll/netkkkop wanna be... about me?

    I could swear I have not seen you post a single thing about electronics
    since your "return".

    So, as opposed to me having it in for you, it appears that you have it
    in for me, asshole.

    Otherwise, you would have simply shut the **** up days ago.
  3. It is a human. It is retarded. I guess we should all pity it.
    And you.

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