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Why NOT to touch power lines.

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Rich., Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. You wouldn't make it one day in my company. You have to be able to
    form complete sentences.

    The gang boy lingo alone would seal that fate for you. That among so
    many other things is what makes retarded twits like you 100% pathetic.

    It goes like this, you adolescent brained retard:

    YOU are pathetic, Daniel. You have yet to make a single, on-topic post
    to this group, and you want to traipse in and do nothing but piss and
    moan. Yes, it is you that is pathetic.
  2. Guest

    | On 19 Jun 2009 10:13:10 GMT, wrote:
    |>Do you have a link that actually delivers a video file rather than HTML?
    | You have to use a grabber applet to capture the actual file on many
    | video hosting sites.

    Right. But this site wasn't recognized as a video site.

    | Tried a simple Google hunt? That was a popular clip, so I am sure it
    | is in nearly every multimedia source site out there.

    Keywords describing it? It might be on Youtube (my grabber works there as
    I have grabbed many videos).
  3. "Man gets electrocuted on train".

  4. The gang boy retard lingo put down is all mine and blatantly valid.
    Also hilarious.

    You are not only pathetic, you are an ass as well. That wasn't a put
    down, it was a description, so I "used" nothing that was "yours". I
    merely described the piece of shit that you are.

    Also, I was talking about your recent activity, you retarded twit.

    When was your last on topic post? Not whether you ever made one. THAT
    is what I was talking about, ya fuckin' retard.
  5. Curtis Brown

    Curtis Brown Guest

    Not the company I work for. As long as I earn, they can give a shit what I
  6. Probably a sales retard. Some of us actually have to perform
    productive functions with our computer.

  7. Then why did you try to do just that? DOH!

  8. Yes... imagination. My creditors accept figment leaves for payment
    all the time.

    How do you manage to be even more retarded than Roy is?
  9. You're an idiot.
    Sorry, but pissy little retarded punks like you do not need to know.
    You're an idiot. That is what is right.
    **** off. Do you actually think that is what I want to make you do? A
    better bet would be that I would want to make you discontinue breathing.
    **** off, or... oh yeah... **** off. Bwuahahahahah!
    You wouldn't/couldn't even get hired. You very likely do not qualify
    for any of our available positions, and we currently do not need a toilet
    scrubber punk, punk. And that is all you qualify for, from what I have
  10. **** you, asswipe.
    Good for you, dumbfuck.
    So, now you think you know what others think or want as well? Whay are
    you not doing Obama's job?

    I don't think you know a goddamned thing about what others want or
    I suspect that your capacity to make a valid assessment hovers at zero.
    You do not need to know, you retarded piece of shit.
    Your bent assessments do more than "seem to" confirm your utter
    stupidity, you retarded ****. They prove that you are hard wired stupid.
  11. No, idiot. "asswipe" refers to you, as if you were unaware.

    Also, you adolescent brained little wuss, when someone says "**** you"
    in this context, they are not talking about pleasurable intimacies, but
    you also knew that, as you knew the context, and tone of the remark.

    Goodbye child. Come back when you can make contributory posts.
  12. On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 17:52:45 -0700, TheQuickBrownFox

    Using your mouse as a dildo does not qualify as a "productive
    function," even if you get off before your goat.

    Why not take a few minutes to explain why you chose to be celibate
    Archie? That would be a post that everyone would read with interest.

    In the interim, **** off!
  13. ^^

    I should have known that I was dealing with an illiterate retard.

  14. Sorry, retard boy, but having and using multiple nyms does NOT equate
    to multiple personalities, you retarded, unqualified dumbfuck
    psychiatrist wanna be.

  15. You're an idiot.

  16. You're an asshole.

  17. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...

  18. Not YOUR quick brown fox; it stops to lick the lazy dogs' balls - evey
    lazy dog it can find..
  19. The pathetic retard responds in the exact same manner that he just
    finished deriding in a previous thread.

    I guess that means that you are not, and could not be an engineer. That
    is by your own definition, asswipe.

    You're a real prize, you are, dumbfuck.
  20. It does, however, qualify as pathetic. That is why I called you a
    pathetic retard. Not a name, a description.

    Stating that you are a pathetic retard does not qualify as name calling.

    See how that works?

    Any of your designs go up on a shuttle experiment? Have any that are
    on the launch/pad area?

    Stop being such a mouthy little putz, and you may not get treated like
    one so much.
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