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Why NOT to touch power lines.

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Rich., Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. It probably was the 25kV AC then, as I thought they still had both types
    of service from the discussions I was reading.

    It sure demonstrated what the word power means.
  2. Cetenary in all new systems is 25 kV, 50 Hz. In 'old" lines in Switzerland,
    Germany and Austria used to be 15 kV, 16 2/3 Hz wth its own power stations,
    and transmission lines. The traction motors are supplied directly with a
    multi-tapped transformer (single phase), which is forced air, oil cooled.
    Normally, an engine (locomotive) has 4 motors each 1 MW, that is ~6000 HP.
    Impulse current when the train starts is hundreds of Amperes. The execution
    current on an electric chair is 20 A at 2500 Volts AC, so at 25 kV should be
    more than 200 A, probably enough for a breaker to open and reclose, since he
    didn't let go before the two flashes and audible bangs.

  3. He DID let go between two contact events. He just did not lower his
    hand... very far.

    The "execution current" as you put it, on an electric chair, is with
    fully wetted, large surface area contact points.

    This was a single point of contact entry through dry skin (at least for
    a millisecond), and the exit was two bare , dry feet.

    I doubt seriously that he loaded the system at 200 Amps at that voltage
    through that entry point. Far less, in fact. It became less and less as
    his body frazzled dry too. It instantly boils your salty blood, and that
    is the conduction path inside the body. His head and his legs were
    afire. And it didn't even pass through his head.

  4. I think he drew more current on the first pass, and then his resistance
    waned until he fell. He was certainly above flesh flash point temp.

    That says a lot. What? 3 seconds through 130 Lb body fed by a five
    pound feeder limb, grounded by a 15 Lb egress limb (maybe two, but mostly
    through one).

    I think the limbs alone lost resistance and fried to a crisp, even if
    the main body only got warm and saucy and kept its resistance value.
  5. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Which, internally, is quite low.
  6. daestrom

    daestrom Guest




    Then why don't you just leave. You contribute nothing. You SHOUT ALL THE
    TIME. You brag about your homosexual exploits, which is more appropriate
    for some porn group. You complain incessantly.

    Just go away.
  7. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Proteus in all his incarnations desperately wants attention. He has nothing
    to contribute. It is doubtful whether he has any thing to brag about in
    reality (++ , +-, --). He gets his rocks off when you respond as then his
    crap is repeated when one opens a response with your name attached,
    Life is much easier if you simply kill-file him/her/it -then you are not
    exposed to his garbage.

    It took me a while to realize this.
  8. The idiot thinks you are me too.

    Roy really took a dive. It is a shame he didn't eat the whole bottle.
    Probably nothing more than Ibuprofen anyway.

  9. You're an idiot. You do not have to read ANY post that you do not want
    to read.

    Your service provider does not HAVE a news server and therefore does
    not have news service setting for you. You can, however, subscribe to
    ANY news service you want, and there is nothing they can say about what
    fucking client software you run on your box. If they "can", then your
    government has their hands in your pockets on this crap provider as well.

    If they do, you and anyone else there with half a brain should be
    pushing for legislation against their practices.

    If this is that dial up retard that came from the US to gouge the piss
    out of your entire nation by being the only dial up provider there for
    the past several years, he should be rode out of town on a rail. A rail
    with a nice, sharp edge.

    If you have a broadband provider now, and they are throttling your
    access this way, it'd be time to hire a hit squad on them.

    In a year or two, you will likely be able to get satellite service
  10. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    You are the idiot. He is posting from work. WHere the IT department has
    strict rules about firewalls for data security no doubt. And one rule
    apparently is to block the IP port used by newsservers.

    Yeah, I can just see him trying to get IT to unblock a port in their
    firewall because some twit like you told him to.

    In case you've never worked in the corporate world, firewalls are maintained
    to protect the internal network. Blocking unnecessary ports from allowing
    connections is SOP. And usenet probably qualifies as 'unnecessary' to his
    IT department.

  11. krw

    krw Guest

    My employer even blocks access to news servers that don't use the
    standard port. I don't know how they do it, but even block NNTP
    access to port:80.
    Sure, "and just why are you wasting company time on DimBulb?"
    AlwaysWrong is as unnecessary as it gets.

  12. If you are posting from work, even through google, they should simply
    shitcan your ass anyway.
  13. He is an even bigger idiot then.
    No shit, dumbfuck. They usually center around WORKING while at work.
    There are many. There is not set specific port, even though there is a
    typical port.
    If the IT dept had any real brains, they would set up an intranet for
    the company for internal media, and a normal access server for external
    requests. Most real companies operate that way. I can run what I want
    on my workstation. The thing is that if I am using it for other than work
    functions, it had better key in with my lunch hour or total hours at work
    that day.
    You're an idiot. I make IP gear. extremely powerful IP gear.
    No. Intranets are maintained to SEPARATE internal servers from the
    external world. The firewall is for THAT network segment, dope.
    Only in a poorly designed setup. Separate network segments are more
    typical. Try working on a large WAN that spans several cities. Even
    THAT is a separate segment. Are you beginning to understand?
    More like management, idiot. Business management dictates what ends up
    on a workstation. IT merely administers the policy, and polices it.

  14. Quite indicative... of a lack of brains.

  15. Spoken like a truly celibate cocksucking asswipe. The latter two are
    easily explainable as they are naturally linked with you Archie.
    Please explain the celibacy part.
  16. Then, please do... go away, Mr. UsenetUselessOne. The moniker fits
    you well.

  17. You appear to be the only one here that is muttering nonsense, dumbass.

  18. Let's see... the last four Daniel posts... absolutely zero
    electrical content. Like I said, You are muttering nonsense, and are
    the dumbass. You are one of those idiots that companies shitcan because
    you think you are the social cop in town. You are not. You are the
    dumbass I called you, and this last set of posts is just one reason why
    and one simple proof.
  19. Guest

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