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Why not synchronized?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Terry Pinnell, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. My 2215 was in its cradle recharging overnight. On my PC, ActiveSync
    shows last synchronizaton was early this morning. But one file, a
    Note, is *not* up to date. Manually initiating Synchronize makes no

    I see that 'Notes' is *not* mentioned in the list in ActiveSync on my
    PC, which displays this:

    Information Type Status
    ---------------- ----------
    Favorites Synchronized
    Files Synchronized
    AvantGo Synchronized
    Calendar Synch status is on the device
    Contacts Synch status is on the device
    Inbox Synch status is on the device

    Do I have to use Explore etc to maintain Notes files? (How about Tasks
    too?) If so, why are these excluded from the synchronization function?

    And why does Tools>Options include the Notes icon yet not let me
    apparently 'enable' it in any way.

    The PDF User Guide says you can "Select the files and information to
    synchronize with your computer," so I'm confused about this apparent
  2. [snip]

    Oops! Intended that for a different newsgroup, sorry.
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