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Why are transistors said to be green?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Lurkong, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. John Lurkong

    John Lurkong Guest

    They told me transistprs were green,
    they do not look green to me.
    And also after I planted one nothing came up.
    I planted it with the tree silver feet down.
    Maybe I should plant it with the feet up?
    And how much fertiliser do you guys use?

    Please reply ASAP by email only.
  2. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Damn, they didn't tell you ?, You have to put a
    9 V battery in the dirt and connect the leads to [email protected]

    They always read the instructions last!
  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    And they need some dope to grow ...
  5. Czochralski the gardiner.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  6. Winston

    Winston Guest

    On 7/15/2010 2:02 AM, Robert Baer wrote:

    Flower Power?

  7. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    No, transistors are made out of smoke (the color may vary slightly).
    If the smoke leaves the package the transistor doesn't work anymore.
  8. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    I've seen purple smoke...
  9. Guest

    ....depending on what's in the bong.
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