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Whole house "battery" wiring/power...

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bill, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    High voltage air blast breakers for AC have been around since the late 40's.
    They were/are modular with series sections and could then be extended to
    higher voltage by adding sections. The contact opening in a section was
    about 1 inch and 600psi air was driven through the arc, extending it towards
    a vent but not actually interrupting the arc until the arc naturally
    collapsed at current zero- then the arc products were blown out and the gap
    filled with good dielectric (high pressure air). A two gap section was good
    for 72KV and 2 of these in series for 161KV. Two gap sections could be
    linked together and put on longer columns at higher voltages there was a
    loud bang when they operated. The advantage of these breakers from Europe
    was that they were smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper than the oil
    breakers in use up to that time in North America.
    There was a bit of a war of words going on in IEEE PAS regarding the
    relative merits of bulk oil breakers and air blast breakers and air
    breakers won out. Even the old circuit breakers at, say 15KV up whether
    oil or air blast operated on the principle of removing arc products,
    replacing them with good dielectric, when the current went through zero.
    This principle is used for HV minimum oil and SF6 breakers (blast of oil or
    SF6 through the gap).
    At lower AC voltages- say 5-15KV such breakers are often used- You could
    take one of these and derate it to about 400-500VDC and it would likely
    work. That current zero every half cycle makes a big difference.
    Me too

  2. We need big, engine block sized solid state switches. :)
  3. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Another variant that I worked with was spring to open and the bottom
    side of the mechanism pushed a plunger in a cylinder to make a 'gush' of
    air that was directed from below the contacts, up between them into the
    arc chute. Of course it was just a short burst of air, but the idea was
    to blow the hot gases up into the chute where the plates would
    separate and cool them.

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