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Whole house "battery" wiring/power...

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bill, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. That is so cool, I still haven't come across one yet, that I know
    of. Now I know what to look for. I'll have to look at the motherboards
    of several of my computers. According to the date of the article,
    the things have been around for a while.

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    While I don't condone is attitude, he is absolutely correct. MHz
    switchers are common, have been in the field for years, and by the
    demands for miniaturization are getting more common all the time. If you
    don't believe me, pop open your PC, cell phone, PDA, etc and put a scope
    on one of the DC-DC converters. Also with many of these chips, the
    switching frequency is fixed and is not something the engineer has a
    choice of. The duty cycle varies to regulate the output.

    This is not something you'll find in the line operated power supply, but
    applications like CPU core voltage which may have to supply less than 2V
    at 50-80+ Amps (no, that's not a typo) from a 12V source where board
    space is a valuable commodity, or applications needing extreme
    miniaturization demand this sort of thing.
  3. krw

    krw Guest

    What you have your mop out? Looking for work?

    I was wrong, you and DimBulb are made for each other.
  4. Kid, I can guarantee that if you and I entered the same industrial
    site, I would be able to handle more of the systems than you could.
    Don't get too arrogant, unless you're Superman. FLNF

  5. krw

    krw Guest

    See, you're always as wrong as AlwaysWrong.
    Ohh, you must swing a mean mop.
    Don't worry. I don't want your job, dummy.
  6. krw

    krw Guest

    Only because you (and DimBulb) *ARE* stupid, stupid.

    BTW stupid, you don't get much simpler than a (part of a) chip,
    inductor, capacitor, and two resistors.
    Stupid, Sweet just said they're used in the core supplies of PCs.
    Though I suppose actually reading what people write is a bit beyond
    Engage brain before mouth, stupid.

  7. The chip we used was also capable of switching faster. Again, that
    does NOT mean that a designer is going to operate at the max frequency
    capability of a chip he is using... EVER!

    Get a fucking clue!
  8. I sure hope they kill your account soon.

    And when they do kill your account, which they will... I hope they
    also kill the ability for your IP address to load up another account so
    that you can abuse this group. You see... I will stop your pathetic
    abuse... one way or the other, boy.
  9. Sorry Superman, you couldn't handle it. FLNF

  10. Oh yea, I forgot, you talk out the other end. FLNF

  11. I'm assuming that running your design at a lower frequency would require
    less RFI shielding. I've seen some designs that put out so much noise
    that it interfered with everything else.

  12. krw

    krw Guest

    I already told you ,Darling Dufus, I don't do mops or work inside
    septic tanks. In particular, I don't want your job where they go
  13. krw

    krw Guest

    You _are_ always wrong, just like ALwaysWrong. Are you related, just
    lovers, or perhaps both?
  14. How nice for you, neither do I. Try harder.

  15. When are you going to call me a Nazi? You just intimated that
    I was a homosexual so go ahead, call me a Nazi. FLNF

  16. krw

    krw Guest

    But you have no choice. I understand; it's difficult for the mentally
    infirm to find employment.
  17. krw

    krw Guest

    You're clearly a Demonicrat. That's your style, stupid.
  18. krw

    krw Guest

    Finger Lakes National Forrest? Who knows with the Darling Dufus.
  19. Our pot core transformers resonated very nicely at around 56kHz, and
    that was regardless of how the windings were configured.
  20. It's a shame you're in such bad shape. I'm sure there are some
    county or faith based organizations that could help you. Folks
    in your condition deserve at the very least a chance and a hand

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