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Who sells a wall mounted 4 x AAA and 4 x AA Nimh battery charger?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Acme, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Acme

    Acme Guest

    Looking for a single charger that charges both AAA and AA and must be
    wall mounted. I hate clutter. :)

    Jaycar website doesnt seem to have them.

  2. I purchased an Energizer unit from an Australia Post outlet quite some time
    back. Rapidly charges high capacity AA and AAA cells (NiCd and NiMH in less
    than 1 hour). Actual charging base is approx 12.5cm tall x 68cm wide and
    2.5cm thick. Has a flat back so it can easily be mounted on any smooth
    surface with double sided tape. AC wall plugpack is a switchmode type,
    light weight about 9cm high x 5cm wide x 4cm thick when plugged into wall
    outlet. Also has a 12V DC ciggy lighter cord supplied for use in the car.
    Never models can be viewed here -
    Try BigW, Coles, K-Mart and most chain hardware shops as potential retail

    Altronics sells similar units - see for a selection of
    possibly suitable chargers.

  3. small piece of MDF and some zip ties?

    otherwise, you could take the cover off, find there a screw can go thru
    safely and do that.
  4. Acme

    Acme Guest

    Excellent, thanks. Those power point mounted packs is what i was after.
  5. Acme

    Acme Guest

    Thanks for trying. :)
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