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Who makes this resistor?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by VMI, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. VMI

    VMI Guest

    I have in front of me some 5W power resistors.
    Value = 2 x 0.22 Ohms.
    It has 3 legs. Center leg is straight, outer legs have a bend.
    Size is: Thickness = 5mm, Height = 17 mm, Width = 26mm.
    Color = White.
    Material = Ceramic.
    Writing =
    first line: 5W 0.22OhmsJX2
    second line: C (symbol looks like an s in a circle) and at the end of
    the body a sort of reversed e
    That's it...
    They are used in Dyna cord power mate amps.
    Who can be the manufacturer of these resistors...


  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Does it matter who makes them ? They are quite common in audio amps. Seem to
    recall that Welwyn is one company. If you need to replace one, and haven't
    got access to manufacturer's original parts, it's quite in order to make one
    up from two 5 watt 0R22 resistors, connected in series, with a third wire
    from the junction point.

  3. I had to quit pulling these fron scrap Sony receivers - my parts drawers
    were overflowing! Sony gets about 5.00 each for them, but I only use them
    once in a while!

    Mark Z.
  4. VMI

    VMI Guest

    First to Arfa,
    I know that any resistor will do the electrical part but it have to be
    this size; the box otherwise wouldn't close!
    Dimensions MUST BE the same.
    Hence my question "Who can be the manufacturer of these resistors..."

    Then to Mark:
    Do you have exactly the same resistors in your drawers?
    Can you possibly tell me "Who can be the manufacturer of these resistors..."
    Do you have access to a service manual of Sony?
    What type of receiver is it?

    I hope I cleared up the particular problem of this repair and many to
    come, if I look at the number of repairs allready done.
    I do not like to be dependent of the service department of a
    manufacturer; I like to know where they get their components from.

    Thanks any way for passing by.


  5. I haven't measured mine - they're at work after all, but it sounds like
    they're the same. Mine mostly have leads at the top and bottom though. Handy
    for measurement but maybe a problem it yours are really in such tight
    Don't know who makes them.
    We also have bought similar resistors from MCM and other suppliers, no leads
    on top, though.

    Mark Z.
  6. MCM, East coast, MAT electronics, etc.

  7. VMI

    VMI Guest

    Hi Michael,
    None of these distributors seems to have this type of resistor.
    As written earlier it has to be exact the same because of the physical
    space that's available.
    There is NO OTHER solution.
    If only I knew who manufactures these resistors I can find out who
    distributes them.
    Thanks any way for the hints.
  8. VMI

    VMI Guest

    Hi folks,

    I finaly got the info.

    Here it is:
    MFG Type
    KRAH-RWI KRGC 55 0.22 + 0.22ohm
    NOBLE RGC 55 0.22 + 0.22ohm J

    Thank you all,

  9. VMI

    VMI Guest

    Hi Michael,

    Humm, I do not seem to have a good mouse; I looked but could not find.
    You're mouse seems to be better.
    I have to buy me a Sherlock Mouse...

    But no jokes, Thanks for the excact link.
    I saw the price, .85 Cents!!!
    As you know that the distributor of the amp in repair asks 10 Euro's a
    piece, taxes exluded! That's a bit over 15 dollars...

    I ow you a beer...


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