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who knows about Photomicrosensors???

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by E.persia, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. E.persia

    E.persia Guest

    hi everybody
    I have a project about leakage testing
    we use a Photomicrosensor in a pipe and an alominioum blade between
    transmitter and reciever...
    but the problem is that after setting Photomicrosensor in the pipe and
    using the glue signal decreases
    and sensor blows
    is there any water proof sensor and befor that is the water my real

    thank you befor your helps!
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    You're not giving enough info here.
    What kind of photo sensor are we talking about?
    IR diode, Cadmium cell, Photo multiplier etc ?

    Is the glue touching the RX/TX devices?

    Have you disassembled the tube and inspected as to
    the cause?

    Some glues are conductive!"
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