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Who is the manufacturer?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Yianni, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

  2. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

  3. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

  4. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    It's a RF ID serial eeprom chip. Connected to only a coil and a capacitor.
    No need for voltage supply at all. Something like this one

    Its part number there is not exist anywhere. I suppose a custom made chip
    (possibly with the unique tag memory id factory programmed for the user
    company). That's why I'm looking for the manufacturer company.
    Like the DS2432 eeprom. The manufacturer programs the unique id with a
    specific number for retail customers. But it can program another number for
    the unique id (for bulk customers), in this case may it uses a different
    part number.
  5. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

  6. Wicaksono

    Wicaksono Guest

    If the logo's directions is straight and is not diagonal, it is very
    close to Integrated Device Technology ( ).
  7. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    Thank you for the info. Indeed it's the logo more close to this on chip<BR>&nbsp;Technology+(IDT)
    It seems not the same logo. It seems that the logo on the chip is from a
    small unknown company or a "fake" logo. There is the possibility for using a
    "fake" logo. Just a note, the same newer chips have the same part number but
    not logo on them!!

    By the way, the more comprehensive list of logos I found on internet is this
  8. also a look worth:

  9. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

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