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Who Do You Get Your Parts From?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Apr 28, 2006.

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  2. SioL

    SioL Guest

  3. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    My analysis below is sometimes distorted by deep history (going back to
    the 70's or earlier in a couple of cases). But here it is:

    MCM is great for repair tools, repair parts for consumer stuff,
    etc.They are somehow corporately tied to Newark now which is an
    "old-line" industrial catalog house. I do not understand how the
    "In-One" companies interoperate (they seem to not interoperate for the
    most part!)

    Digikey and Mouser are not perfectly interchangeable but both have lots
    of stuff in stock and pretty good (Mouser) to exceptional (Digikey) web
    ordering interfaces. Both have really extensive (but not identical)
    selection of semis, passives, cabinets, tools, etc. Both can get you
    not-in-stock stuff without great difficulty (but with minimum

    Jameco was traditionally a hobbyist supplier. Several steps up from say
    Poly-Paks but several steps down from the big catalog houses. Always
    had a good selection of hobbyist-oriented semis, medium to poor
    selection of passives. They have obviously been angling towards
    becoming more full-line and stocking like Digikey et al but have only
    made minor baby steps in that direction. What they do stock is often
    cheap (and if you look at the date codes it may be a few decades old
    too...) They still have very poor selection of passives, almost zero
    precision stuff, etc. For a while they had a very good selection of
    surplus power supplies, now they have a very good selection of new

  4. GregS

    GregS Guest

    When I look at these i figure most or all will require a minimum fee.
    I used to order anything from Newark and free shipping, but they
    dropped that for me, however that was with a PO not credit card.
    I have been ordering more from Allied, free ground shipping for me.
    I have not used much of Mouser, but I have to use ALL of these
    companies to get price and selection. Of course Farnell owns Newark and MCM.
    You can order MCM and Farnell parts from Newark. At one time Jameco had
    low stock, and surplus stock, but almost anything they had was cheaper than anybody
    else. They still have bargains.

  5. GregS

    GregS Guest

    I used to pick up a Digi-Key catalog and thumb through it to see
    all the neat stuff. That was 20 years ago. I really hate the thought
    now of picking up the catalog, putting my Digi-Key glasses on, and
    trying to get some kind of feel thumbing thin pages and trying
    to hold that flimsy catalog flat. I absolutely have to use a catalog at times, but
    if I can't find Digi parts on their website, which is pretty good, I dred the thought
    of using that dam catalog.

  6. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

  7. wrote...
    Not much from MCM for me. For semicons I use (ordered via Newark) (Richarson, RF stuff) (Rochester, obsolete stuff)
  8. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I've downloaded DigiKey's entire catalog in PDF: is the main "browse" page, and
    near the bottom, you can download the whole thing. What I generally do is
    use their parts search function if I know what I want, and I can go right
    to the catalog page. Otherwise, it's pretty much like browsing any catalog,
    except it's phosphor on glass instead of ink on paper, and it takes longer
    to flip pages. ;-)

  9. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    As long as we're talking about our favorite ordering websites:

    is pure heaven!

    The website is a breeze to use. You can select items a trillion
    different ways, with graphics and menus that are actually relevant at
    every single step. And while they don't do electronic components, they
    do just about everything else :). No minimum orders, warehouses all
    across the US so most orders arrive the next day via UPS ground, and I
    have actually had stuff arrive SAME DAY!

    I mean, I thought Digikey had a good online ordering selector. They're
    still good and getting better, but McMaster-Carr just blows them away
    in terms of ease of use.

  10. In a previous position, working on a small project, I used to order almost
    all the electronics parts I needed from Digikey and mechanical parts from
    McMaster-Carr, on my own credit card, then submit an expense report for
    reimbursement. I found that I could get my reimbursement check from finance
    faster than I could get parts ordered through purchasing.

    Then we got a new manager who thought I was trying to pull something over on
  11. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I use Farnell, RS, and Rapid Electronics, here in the UK. The only
    problem with small orders is that I have to pay for delivery. They all
    provide next day delivery.

  12. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    McMaster-Carr, is pure heaven!
    Yup. (L.A. Basin)
    A company that knows what SERVICE means.
  13. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    He was probably worried that somehow it'd take away from what surely was going
    to be his golden parachute, whether he performed or not.
  14. A compromise was eventually reached - the department admin assistant got a
    company credit card an ordered things we wanted, after printing out the
    order, having it initialed by the manager, then initialed by the program
    manager who owned the account the parts would be charged to, then she would
    type in the whole order again (without error!) and order the parts.

    At my next job, I got a company credit card of my own to order parts with.
    All I needed was a verbal or e-mail approval from the project engineer to
    spend the money.
  15. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    I've ordered from Digikey and also Newark ( ).
    Both are pretty good, but Digikey has lower shipping charges (to New
    Jersey, at least) and somewhat better search features on their website.

    Haven't ordered from Mouser, but I've used their website. They are not
    nearly as good as Digikey in terms of being to search for a part, and
    pare down the search by entering specs or ranges for specs.


    p.s. Up your order to $25 (or is it $30?) and you'll avoid the extra $5
    handling fee at Digikey.
  16. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    There's one just down the street from me - I can call in an order, and go
    pick it up at will-call in about 10 minutes. (maybe 20 if they're really
    busy.) ;-)

  17. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    I'll have to try that sometime. I'm 20-30 minutes drive from the one
    in New Jersey.

  18. Clive Tobin

    Clive Tobin Guest

    No minimum order at Mouser.
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