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Who can help me with these parameters?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I am reading a document of chip MAX900. There are some parameters I do
    not know. Please you help me with these para..
    1.input-to-output high response time
    2.difference in response time between outputs
    3.latch disable to output high delay
    4.latch disable to output low delay
    5.minimum setup time
    6.minimum hold time
    7.minimum latch disable pulse width
    8.input overdrive
  2. Guest

    overdrive the input by 5mV and the output will go high within 15ns
    overdrive multiple comparators at the same time and they will flip
    within 3ns of each other
    OK, now you actually asked a question that takes some thought, mostly
    because the datasheet is poorly written. It looks like the latch is
    active low. When you disable the latch, you move the pin from low to
    high. The comparator output (internal signal) can now propagate. The
    propagation typically takes 10ns.
    as above
    This refers to the latch. The input (really the internal comparator
    signal) needs to be steady for typically 2ns.
    The internal comparator signal needs to be steady for typically 1ns
    for the proper value to be latched
    When the latch pin is high, the output reflects the internal
    comparator signal. The pin must be high typically 10ns. I don't quite
    follow this unless they are doing some power savings when the signal
    is latched.
    Overdrive is the voltage above the built-in offset of the comparator.
    Overdrive is a test condition rather than a parameter of the chip.

    A good thing this chip is history, The datasheet is crap.
  3. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Readily comprehendible to anyone with experience using high speed
  4. Guest

    Whatever. The datasheet is full of sketchy GBDs.
  5. lyra

    lyra Guest

    I am not quite sure about "Overdrive ". What does "built-in offset"
    mean? Please continue to help me.
  6. Guest

    The comparator will have some offset error, i.e. it is not perfect.
    Generally the offset is small, so in practice you would apply 5mV in
    either direction to the differential input to test the device.
    Technically, this should be 5mV beyond the offset.

    Comparator speed is related to the overdrive. If you only had a
    microvolt of overdrive, the comparator would take a long time to

    A good datasheet explains all the test conditions, including timing
    diagrams. This is an example of a poorly written datasheet. I'm sure
    it generated a few calls to Maxim apps.
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