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White and Blue LED's

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Activeviii, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Activeviii

    Activeviii Guest

    Looking for a cheap supply of super high bright LED's

    I have found them on eBay but with £12 postage I think I will let them all

    can anyone help me with a good price for 50 of each please.

    I maybe after green and red if the price and quality is right.

    thanks in advance for your help.
    All the best.
  2. D. Abaimov

    D. Abaimov Guest

  4. nemo

    nemo Guest

    The way they're used in cheap ornamental novelties, pushbike lights and
    plastic jewellery they must be around at a sensible price somewhere.

    When they first came on the market they were around £5 to £7 and that was
    donkeys' years ago - so £12 has got to be a rip-off.

    Try here: or

    Hope this helps. If Greenweld have got hold of a surplus batch of them,
    they'll be dirt cheap. They've more or less taken over from Proops Bros as
    the leading surplus store.

    Hmmmm. Proops Bros. Happy daze when they were in Tottenham Court Road and
    full of Army Surplus stuff. Fascinating. Now it's a blasted Gultronics! The
    worst rip-off merchants on the planet!

  5. Activeviii

    Activeviii Guest

    thanks for the replies guys.
    I use to use maplins but at £2.99 a shout!!

    RS are more than that.

    I have found some at ledlights but imp still looking for the best deal.

    all the best.
  6. Gazz

    Gazz Guest

    50 p each for 1200 mcd white led's,
    theyre in the usa, charge 2 dollars postage for a 20 dollar order.. to
    anywhere in the world,

    i recently ordered 32 1200 mcd white led's, 3 dollars postage, cost me 17.71
    in sterling,
    keep under 18 quid to avoid customs charges.. at those postage rates i'd
    make multiple orders of 18 quid rather than go over that ammont.

    took 5 days to get to me from placing the order.. i'm in the midlands...
    took 2 days for the PO to get em from customs to me!
  7. Activeviii

    Activeviii Guest

    you would pay about £15 on eBay for 100 but I cant bring myself to pay
    12sheets for postage UK.
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