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Which relay can I use ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by KDawg, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. KDawg

    KDawg Guest

    I want to run two computer power supplies, and have 1 turn on by a relay
    when the first one is turned on.
    The power supplies are 96 W and 250 W. I understand that a 12V DC always on
    relay is what I need, but I am not sure what amps it needs to be rated at.

    The way it will work is this. I have a 96 Watt power supply that is turned
    on, and I want it to trigger an ATX 250 W power supply to come on as well.
    The relay will be powered by the 96 watt power supply, and the switch in the
    relay will connect the green and black wires of the ATX power supply so it
    will be on. If anyone has any information on what I should be looking for, I
    would appreciate it.

  2. Guest

    Here you go: Radio Shack Catalog #: 275-226

    It costs $5.95 and will handle up to 30 Amps -
    way more than you need.
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