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Which phase is my electrik socket on?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Cameo, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    An A/C, dryer, or any other 240 volt device/appliance would use a single
    2-pole breaker, it would not use breakerS. For Christ's sake be man enough
    to say you mis-read what was written, or your brain wasn't operating at 100%
    that day, and knock of this trying to justify what you wrote crap. For the
    record, 3-wire homeruns to a panel to feed two circuits are very much used
    still today and are not indicative of 1960s wiring.
  2. bud--

    bud-- Guest

    I like them and they certainly have been common in the past. For example
    I can think of a hospital where substantially all the 120V circuits to
    patient rooms started as 4-wire 3-phase multiwire branch circuits. Other
    circuits were also mostly multiwire. But the 2008 NEC requires a
    "simultaneously disconnect" for multiwire branch circuits. That does not
    have to be a multipole breaker - it can be single breakers with a
    (listed) handle tie. It would make multiwires in the hospital impractical.

    AFCIs have probably eliminated most multiwire branch circuits in houses
    since you can't have a common neutral unless the AFCI is 2-pole. You may
    be able to get a 2-pole AFCI, but they probably cost far more.
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