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Which oscilloscope to buy?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by naren, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. naren

    naren Guest

    I'm planning to create a embedded system design using zigbee
    (wireless specification for control applications). I am in the process
    of choosing an oscilloscope but am wondering if my choice was correct?
    I'm planning to buy the following one from Tektronix. Will it be
    suitable for such applications? My intention is to trouble shoot the
    circuit board and NOT the ZigBee chip or spectrum. I assume the
    chipset I buy is not faulty and just to find out noises, interference,
    et. al. in the circuit board.
    TDS2022B 200 MHz 2.0 GS/s 2.5 K 2

    Kindly advice.
  2. Sure, that one will likely do the job as a basic high bandwidth
    oscilloscope for troubleshooting.
    However, the 2.5K memory is very small, so if you are looking at
    decoding data streams or looking at single shot detail on longer
    captures etc then it might be useless for you.
    If you are doing digital stuff then a mixed signal scope is a better

  3. If you only need to do troubleshooting and so on I recommend the pico
    USB scopes (

    They are cheap, have pretty decent specs and fill nothing on the table
    (no money wasted on display, keyboard etc)


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