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Which is better electric or blade shaver?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Kate Fights, I Cry, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Which do most people prefer?

    I just purchased a brand new electric shaver and I have
    to say after using it for a couple of weeks now I find
    I get a better shave with my blade shaver which only cost
    me a 10th of what the electric one cost.

    Very disappointed that the electric one does a less efficient job
  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Yes, the electric gives the lesser shave but mine is 10 yrs old and on its 3
    set of blades

    I use a blade on my neck if I'm going on a date.
  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Kate Fights, I Cry"

    ** Over a period of years, an electric shaver works out as far cheaper -
    since you use no shaving cream and you are not constantly replacing blades.
    Also, you cannot cut yourself and you can do a "touch up " job anytime,

    BTW Learn to use "OT" when making off topic posts.

    ........... Phil
  4. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating the things one can learn on


    Far cheaper not to shave.
  5. Guest

    Apologies Terry

    Since there isn't an aus.electrical group for such
    things this seems the closest group by topic to
    post this question in...
  6. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    All my life I've used a blade. About a year ago I purchased an
    electric shaver and have never looked back. Now I wonder why I
    suffered for so long.

    - Franc Zabkar
  7. What are you apologising for.
    Mine was just as OT
    And the iconograph says it all {:).
  8. **I have two electric shavers. An ancient (20 years old) Philips
    rechargeable and a relatively new (6 years old) Braun. Immediately I used
    the Braun, I thought it was much better. However, after fitting a new set of
    blades to the Philips (which I gave to my partner for her legs), I am
    convinced that the Philips is a superior design. A blade shaves closer than
    any electric razor can. HOWEVER, my partner much prefers me to use an
    electric razor. Here's my theory:

    A mate and me travelled across the US a few years ago. I was grumbling about
    how I only managed to get three shaves out of a fairly expensive twin blade
    razor. He was shocked. He gets more than 3 MONTHS from a blade. I guess
    there are beards and there are beards.

    My thoughts run like this:

    A blade cuts the hair and leaves it with a sharp edge. For those of us with
    tough hairs, it can irritate our partner's skin. An electric razor, OTOH,
    shatters the hair and leaves it with a ragged end, which does not irritate
    our partner's delicate skin. And, I stress, that a razor does not cut as
    close to the skin.

    BTW: If you do use a razor, DO NOT EVEN THINK about using soap or those
    silly foam things. Buy yourself some cheap Sorbolene cream. MUCH better for
    YOUR skin than soap.

    Just my 2c worth.
  9. KLR

    KLR Guest

    I prefer the electric.

    Had a philishave (basic mains powered model) for about 17 years, was
    great. When it finally died (AC motor went OC) I bought A new Philips
    aquagenic 8894, which was about $300 (bought it when out of australia)
    and much better still.

    (I dont know how good other brands are, or how good the cheaper
    philips types perform so cant comment.)

    These take a little bit of getting used to though, when I first
    started using electric, would get rashes and such, but after a couple
    of weeks or so they gradually dimninshed to nothing.

    I would never use a blade after that, it does give a smoother skin,
    but no matter how careful I was - would often manage to cut myself in
    some way or another. Would also be lucky to get more than a few
    uses from a blade until it went blunt, so it turned out to be an
    expensive pastime.
  10. Obviously no one showed Norman Gunston how to use an electric shaver without
    cutting himself. :)
  11. In his interview with Sally Struthers (the daughter in "All in the
    Family") she asked him, "Why don't you use an electric shaver?"


    Gunston: "I do."

    Gary B-)

  12. You mean do away with the shaving cream or foam and just the sorbolene
    cream. I'll try it...

    I'm still amazed I fell for the advertising on TV before I purchased my
    shaver... Next time I'll think before spending $$$
  13. **You won't be sorry. Your skin will be better for it.
    **How do you think I felt about buying a damned Braun, when my ageing
    Philips provided better performance (after a new set of NiCads and blades
    were fitted)?
  14. Mark H

    Mark H Guest

    I would never use a blade after that, it does give a smoother skin,
    You must be one of the unlucky ones. I get easily a month out of a blade.
    Electric's never held my fancy, i'll probably go down that path one day but
    until then, i'm happy with my cream and blade.

    Plus, I've never cut myself bar when I first started shaving, and got stuck
    on pimples.

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